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Full Version: James Durbin Era 3
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Quote:JAMES DURBIN‏ @DurbinRock 1 minute ago

I thought I'd let you know I'm currently writing for my next solo album. Aiming for a stripped down, roots rock feel. Cant wait to record!!!

Seems like a good direction. Something I would prefer to hear from him.
Babbsie has a video of me of Ariana dragging me up on her couch on stage that she'll upload from tonight's Ariana Savalas Show. An added bonus was James Durbin performing in the Arcada Theatre below the club we were in so we stop to see his band for awhile. Fun Fun Night...it always is with the Reinharts!:
[Image: adD3vF.jpg]
Quote:Casey Abrams‏Verified account @CaseyBassy

You’re crushing the game my friend @DurbinRock so happy to see you in your element. Killer show with @QUIETRIOT

[Image: DPBfc_ZVwAAAzMs.jpg]
James is going to give metal a chance in Nashville.

Natural Bridges State Beach

Was able to grab an hour today to sit on the cliff beside my native ocean and write a new song titled "RESIST". I've been loving this @recordingkingofficial #DirtyThirties parlor guitar & how easily & richly the songs flow from it. I am definitely going to miss this view after we move to Nashville, TN in two months seeing as I've lived in #SantaCruz my entire life. But what is life without new adventures? I couldn't even imagine -JD

James Durbin's run with Quiet Riot has come to an end after 2-12 years. "According to 'Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon', Durbin left QUIET RIOT 'to concentrate his time and efforts on his solo career.‬'"

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