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Quote:Madison Lawrence @madisonlawrence

Been singing this since 8 am this morning this song hits SO HARD! @HaleyReinhart #BETTER


^ 20K followers. She does a nice job with it
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Y'all better get this shiz now cause my mama @HaleyReinhart is about to wreckkkkk this.
(04-08-2016, 04:08 PM)hotuofi1 Wrote: [ -> ]To be honest, I wish she would have went with a different lead single - "Better" the song for me isn't a hit. Of her new song's I have heard, "LIWFF" or "Listen" are stronger. Either way, I obviously bought the album and and am hoping for success!

Regarding "Better", I think it is a good choice to kick off the CD. Technically, you could say that CHFIL is the lead single, but now with CD launch you want a new song. "Better" is a great uplifting anthemic song that might be a hit along the lines of "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten, or "Roar" by Katy Perry, or "Brave" by Sara Barielles. A song that appeals to women striving to right a wrong or empower themselves. And young women drive song sales.

Another big factor is that Haley will be touring around this release, unlike "Listen Up" an hopefully that will involve some radio station tours and hopefully maybe some national shows (Today Show, The View, etc)

Another key factor--"Better" is both the name of the single and the CD, which should help with name recognition.

Finally, I think that hopefully if "Better" does not become a hit single (and there are so many variables and luck that spur hit singles, but fingers crossed), I think she will get a second shot (unlike with Interscope), and perhaps a song like "Love Is Worth Fighting For" which has an Adele vibe might get a shot.

In conclusion, how exciting is all of this! Whatever happens we have a new Haley CD with new songs, and a tour! The stuff of Halien dreams!
Here's some grist for the mill

Music Industry

Peter Daines
Quote:REVIEW: Haley Reinhart is “Better” LIVE

I’m sorry. I LOVE Haley Reinhart. She is, without a doubt, easily one of the best vocalists to EVER come off of American Idol. And, I want few things more than to see her musical career take off.

But the studio recording of her new single, quite frankly, shouldn’t have made it past the cutting board.

I don’t mean to suggest that it is a bad song–on the contrary, it is a pretty decent song, ESPECIALLY when Haley delivers one of her signature STUNNING LIVE VOCAL PERFORMANCES. But somehow, when she got into the studio, AMAZING melted into FORGETTABLE.

Let’s be clear: this is NOT a new problem. This is EXACTLY the same problem that haunted the commercial underperformance of Haley’s debut album, Listen Up. Haley delivered solid vocal performances while for some reason leaving out the wow factor that her audiences have come to expect from a live performance.

Ironically, the studio version of “Better” sounds very much like it could have been a featured track on Listen Up. In its current incarnation, it just doesn’t have a chance.

Every time Haley has found success, it has been when she opens up and delivers a stunning raw performance.

That is how she found success on American Idol.

That is how she found success with her one-take viral covers with Postmodern Jukebox.

That is how she was able to bring an old love song to life for a viral Extra gum commercial.

And that is why she FAILS when her producers accept a bland studio performance from her.


He linked to the Portland performance of "Better," labeling it one of her "signature STUNNING LIVE VOCAL PERFORMANCES."

There is a point in that where she is enlivened by the crowd response, but I don't think the two performances are worlds apart.

The studio version is wrapped in a bigger production that better conveys the uplifting spirit of the song.

Now, I will say, from Haley's description of the process, it sounds like it's possible they might have taken her vocals from the original demos and added live instrumentation to them.

Why would they do that? Well, she's stated she believes in capturing the essence of the creation early on, recording when it's raw.

That raw performance is essentially what wants.

But maybe that approach doesn't work as well when it's not done with live instrumentation?
I doubt it's an old recording, it was relatively recent that she changed the ending to the song....

Also, very unlike Haley to not make a new recording informed by her almost 3 years of performing the song live Tongue

I'm pretty biased, I liked SMYM, I like Better.... I've heard Haley sing Better a bunch of times w/ minimal instrumentation, I like hearing it with a full band on the album. I'm glad it wasn't so produced as to overwhelm her vocals. I have been cautioning, for awhile, that what Ole is good at is making money from placement.. The ability to place a song proabably factored into which ones made the album. As infamous as SMYM was among fans, Haley and Ole are profitting off it...

I've entered into this a noobie.. I still don't really understand alot about what's reported as far as numbers...the different charts, what they mean. But what I do know is iTune counts, while still matter, aren't the only measure of success the way it was decades ago...

The end result is Haley will make money from her songs, meaning she'll make a living making her music, writing her songs. She's repeated over and over, she wants to do it her way if she can... Heck, she could have a song picked up and sung by someone that can move units. As it's been the case, her growth is gradual but solid.

#Better has the disadvantage of having been heard for 3 years, it's not 'fresh' to many of Haley's fans. I don't sense Ole was 'trapped' by it, it seems to me Haley chose it and has stuck to her decision for it to be the Lead single. In fact named the album after it.

Besides, so many songs we have no clue to freak out over are on this album Cool

Quote:Do you feel nervous about the album’s upcoming release?

No, I’m more excited than anything. I have no expectations other than my fans loving it.
Pollstar Interview
Pop Shock interview:

Quote:When you look back on the ‘Listen Up!’ era, what did you learn from writing/recording/releasing that album, and how has it influenced the new album?

Haley: I learned that many a times, the magic of the first take, or the original demo, cannot be duplicated or recreated. Most of all the final tracks on ‘Listen Up!’ were the original demos. I wanted to keep the initial feel and emotion for many of the songs on ‘Better’ and build onto the production by adding a full live band along horns and strings.

Quote:What’s your favourite track on the album and why? Which track will have Haliens most excited?

Haley: That’s like being forced to pick your favorite child! I love “Good or Bad” and the cinematic realm in which it lives. And also I love “I Belong To You”. It’s my family and friends personal favorite as well. It’s a powerful love song that brings a little psychedelia and rock n roll to the table.

Quote:The UK needs Haley Reinhart. Jazz is one of those genres that is begging for a modern pop revival here. When can we see you back, performing your own music?

Haley: Why thank you! And I love the UK!! I really wanted to get out there with ‘Listen Up!’ I believe you guys have a keen ear for originality and music of substance. I’m hitting the road in June for my first headlining (US) tour. Let’s hope that a fall tour comes to fruition with some UK dates! In that case, I’ll see you then!

More: http://www.thepopshock.com/haley-reinhar...interview/
HitsDailyDouble finally lists "Better".

[The last three columns are date of the previous release, sales 1st week for the previous release, and sales to date for the previous release]

Date Artist Title Label Prev Rel Prev. 1st Wk Prev. Sales to Date
04.29.16 HALEY REINHART BETTER INDEPENDENT 05.22.12 20,000 77,000
04.29.16 AESOP ROCK THE IMPOSSIBLE KID ADA 07.10.12 14,000 52,000
04.29.16 EMPIRE SEASON 2, VOL. 2 SOUNDTRACK FOX 11.20.15 22,000 114,000
04.29.16 INTOCABLE HIGHWAY FONOVISA 01.27.15 2,000 22,000
04.29.16 MARTINA MCBRIDE RECKLESS NASH ICON 03.04.14 20,000 70,000
04.29.16 NOW 58 VARIOUS ARTISTS UME 02.05.16 63,000 128,000
^ So... 20K Listen Up! albums sold the first week, and 77K overall.
My 2 Cents on the release of 'Better' as the first original song from Better. Before CHFIL I thought an EP with Better as the song had little chance of getting much notice much outside the Halien universe. I am hoping that the CHFIL-factor will bring in a much broader audience. While IMO Better is just ok (as a song), the studio version is a pretty good showcase of her voice. I especially like the beginning of the song. My hope is that the next song released will be her game changer.

Because of my preference for hearing new songs first via studio versions, I am really,really excited and appreciative that there are so many new songs on LP. I was worried it was going to be all songs we are familiar with.

Bottom line? I WANT NEW SONGS!!