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Full Version: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
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(06-11-2017, 04:26 PM)Babbs234 Wrote: [ -> ]I do watch the show around my camera. But I have to remain still, can't dance or sing with the songs. On one of the songs I recorded, I started swaying to the music. so can't post that one.... Tongue
That is true, one of the things you miss out on is swaying to the music and singing along....then again, I've seen me dancing and heard my singing, so in the end, not much of a loss Wink

(06-11-2017, 04:26 PM)Babbs234 Wrote: [ -> ]And as a bit of nostalgia, Himm was the first Halien I met 5 years ago. Tusk was the second. We all went together to see Haley at Lolapalooza the summer of 2012! What a ride it's been! Heart

[Image: 01jLiE20.jpg:medium]

One thing I will forever be grateful for this Haley experience....I didn't much care about how I looked, never was really one to be in Photos...since Haley however, I care a bit more and decided to lose the facial hair Blush
(06-11-2017, 04:26 PM)Babbs234 Wrote: [ -> ]And as a bit of nostalgia, Himm was the first Halien I met 5 years ago. Tusk was the second. We all went together to see Haley at Lolapalooza the summer of 2012! What a ride it's been! Heart
One advantage that was also a disadvantage in Dublin was I chose to shoot from the sound booth at the back with tall fans in front of me instead of up with Babbs & Pat & NUG at the edge of the stage. The heads in the way meant that a lot of what I shot at Whelans was off of the lower resolution projection screen above the stage. The advantage is that the projection from a fixed camera in the balcony that we weren't allowed in, clearly showed the heads of Babbs & Pat & NUG at the stage edge, enhancing my memories of my dear friends experiencing it with me. The full stage view lower resolution fixed image also gives a nostalga feel of watching Haley perform on a vintage "American Bandstand, Hullabaloo or "SHINDIG" TV show from the 60's so I guess that's an appropriate vibe for Haley's retro songs.

And now that I've been burning DVDs of what I shot, I get to experience it many times more each burn. I mixed about 50% watching/enjoying without camera and 50% recording at both the Glasgow & Dublin shows. It helped having the XAtlantic Setlist cheat sheet to know what songs were coming up. Thx X!

I (as well as Haley) felt a stronger fan passion in Scotland than Ireland. You could see Haley was just thrilled at the reaction & interaction of the audience there. Dublin was a different vantage point for me making each experience unique, which is why I feel no redundancy going to multiple shows of each tour. ie, 4 Idol tour cities, 3 PMJ's of one tour, 3 Haley US shows, 2 Haley Europe shows. Something a bit different each time like Haley & Angie's "I Will" Duet.
I want to thank everyone for posting so many video from Haley's European tour. Babbs, your videos are unique -- up close and personal and you have a great style of following Haley with the camera. Sounds like a good time was had by all.
My favorite videos/performances from my Berlin, Paris London Trip. Will try and limit it to one performance, one song, will add to and subtract from it as I post more video

I haven't been able to catch up on all the posts and videos yet, just got home this morning (3:45 am here). What a trip!! Seeing Haley, talking to her again but with my amazing Haliens with me...I'll never forget it. If I can figure out how, I'll post my videos. I only took 4, I wanted to enjoy the experience. Touring around the country after in my little speedy rental car was just breath taking. I covered a lot of ground (Clifden, Galway, Dingle, Cork, Waterford and Kilkenny), and a million little towns and amazing sights in between. I'm feeling like I want to rent an apartment there for a couple of months and really see everything!!

It was nice to meet my new Halien friends and see Babbs and Himm again - I couldn't have asked for a better group to spend my first 2 days with. Cool




The "Haley Reinhart European Solo Tour Recap" set to "Better" was just posted to Haley's YT channel.

Quote: & I hope to see you all again very soon!

What a way to feed the crave! And complete with the beloved dreaded s-word! "Very soon"! Lol! (So glad she was here at all!)
FB comment under a series of pictures posted by Ray last week of Haley and the band
Quote:Tony Craig

Chiming in late here but...

Ray Moore and I have not known each other very long

I am just an old cover band musician who has been lucky enough to do a few interesting things but...

when it comes to Ray Moore I want folks and especially musicians to know that no one I have ever worked with( including Quincy Jones drummer JR Robinson) bridges the gap between the way live music has been done the last 50 years and the places it is going into the future

Ray Moore is the embodiment of this phenomenon. A grasp of musics extraordinary history and a solid vision of where he wants to go and how he wants to get there!

Ray Moore makes art right in front of you as all the great jazz musicians from the past have done.He can also rock/ punk/ funk/ country/ blues etc.... your eyeballs out.

An extraordinary man and musician! I am honored to have shared the stage with him!

" Onward Ever Onward"- Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin

That is where this incredible musician is going!

Thank you Ray Moore for what you do and for what you are going to do!


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Ray Moore ???what?!!! Why do u have my eyes wet?!!!! Thank you so much sir I'm overwhelmed.
Another one from Scotland I decided to make public:

Taken just after she said: "Wow everyone has such nice perfume" I'm sure she wasn't talking about me. Smile
[Image: Hail%20Himm_zpsalxsyxbz.jpg]
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