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Full Version: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of possibly my most fun day in Halien History!! Met Ken Smith at the Dublin Airport to catch a puddle-jumper to the Glasgow Scotland Airport. Toured the city and missed our drop-off point and had to walk back 10 blocks to the Oran Mor Music Venue. Met & chatted with Haley's Guitarist John Notto and entered the VIP Soundcheck and got an instant hug from Angela Reinhart and was greeted by Haley who was on stage for 2 songs in the soundcheck. Then she came out and spent a lot of time with us chatting and signing autographs and taking pictures. At the start of the concert I moved closer to the stage for a better filming location and a mom & her daughter were in front of me as we start talking. They found out my relationship with Haley and latched on to Ken & I for the rest of the night. After the show they wanted to meet Haley and bought us drinks while waiting near Haley's Tour Bus for almost an hour. When Haley & Angie came out all 6 of us chatted on the sidewalk for quite awhile and I helped load Haley's enormous suitcase into the bowels of the big bus as Haley directed me but I almost got her run over by Taxicabs zooming by. The mom & daughter then shared (and insisted on paying for) a cab ride back to our hotel. It was so much fun. This is the video I shot of Angie selling Haley merchandise that night as the mom & daughter came up to buy shirts from her at the 0:50 mark, while I talked to other Scots who identified me as somebody with lots of good Haley info:

and Haley performing "The Letter" during the show:
[Image: f1DZdX.jpg]

Happy One Year Anniversary to my long distance Halien Shindig Traveling Buddies - Dublin 6/5/2018

One of the best days of my life! Heart
***From Jeff Goldblum discussion

(06-04-2018, 10:45 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]Recently I posted Haley's mic check London performance of "Night and Day"*** to mark the one year anniversary of that show, and Haley liked it. I could see her putting her own spin on that classic, singing that with Goldblum Tongue

*** Of note, listen to Jesse on the keyboards. I've really learned to appreciate his wonderfully, instinctive playing

Scott's running his AMA right now, so I thought I'd ask him his thoughts on Jesse as a fellow Piano Player

Not meaning any shade to your other keyboard players, but I always thought "Creep" with Haley sounded best with you on the piano, every performance unique. Since then, I've seen Jesse Elder play several times seeing him on tour with Haley and I'm now convinced Jesse is amazing too. Anything you can tell us about what impresses you about him as a fellow piano player?

Jesse is a musical genius - his playing fuses classical and jazz in such a unique way, especially in his solo work. it's also noteworthy that he had never played stride piano before touring with PMJ - I gave him one lesson, and he spent a good week in a practice room figuring out the genre. he's a quick study.

Quote:stride piano


a style of jazz piano playing in which the right hand plays the melody while the left hand plays a single bass note or octave on the strong beat and a chord on the weak beat, developed in Harlem during the 1920s, partly from ragtime piano playing.
[Image: D7d0zHUVUAEdtfv.jpg]
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