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Full Version: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
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TeamHaley replied a week ago and told me:

Quote:"there are a lot of things that need to happen before we can get news on to fans"
hoped that I would understand and asked that I keep this info to myself until they would be the ones to officially announce the postponement...

Harry spoke to me about it after the show on Saturday.... (I was exhausted, maybe from being out in the sun too long, and it was getting late at night...so I don't recall specifics)

But he did talk about some exciting things in the works (no specifics), that Haley was wanting badly to get news out to the fans, of the tour changes ASAP but advised they had to wait. He said the tour will be consolidated into two weeks, some countries w/ multiple stops, would be combined. He used Germany as an example (He didn't say Berlin would be the 'lucky' city that would have the show in Germany...though I'd told Haley since as far back as Durty Nellies about plans to attend the show in Berlin w/ a couple of Haliens...wonder if that factored into chosing Berlin over Munich or Frankfurt Blush).

He told me Haley had told him about my not being able to make the Berlin show, so he was relieved for whatever reason, something caused me to not have spent the money on the trip. He also mentioned a couple of other reasons, on the bright side, that the rescheduling was good timing for their family...(not sure I can mention...)

I figured they would announce after BGDays, it made no sense to do it before, since it would have been too big a distraction in addition to performing the show.

The reason for the postponement, what had 'to happen' before they could officially announce the postponement was not shared with me so as always, I'm in this thing to support Haley, the Highs AND the Lows, I understand that as an independent artist, things might be more complex to unravel, slower to happen than for most situations where bigger management or a label is involved.

Even signed, 'legit', big time acts are prone to postponement and/or cancellation as well, so as we have done the past 5 years, we sit and wait to see what develops.

Also, I was asked permission to use clips from #TeamHaleyFans video to help them promote Haley's social media... I expect they will use the tour videos to promote the rescheduled European tour. I had been in email communication w/ XAtlantic and he made a fair point, something he kind of alluded to in his posts on this forum: There was not much, if any promotion over in Europe, at least where he was (Not surprising when you don't have the $$/resources of a label**). As much of a bummer it is for those who did know about the tour, that number can't have been a big number, again, no promotion, so not 'that many' knew about it......but I expect that is only part of the reason they had to make the decision... I expect there are other plans in the work that caused them to make the hard choice, even if they knew it would disappoint some fans...what ever they had to wait for to happen before announcing... new music being one, could there be something else in the works? It's very possible.

What I do know is, there will be promotion for the rescheduled European tour, I'm excited we (TeamHaleyFans) will be able to contribute through their use of our video, and I'm eager to see how they use it Smile

(I told them to let me know which clips they want to use so I can send them the original files as to have the highest resolution)

** I recall Haley telling Rachel and I at Last Year's PMJ show in LA that 'the plan' was to ride the popularity of CHFIL into Europe, try to get radio play over there, a mini euro radio tour like she had in the US....as time went on and it didn't happen, not even when Haley joined PMJ for a few shows in Europe... I wondered if there would be any promotion at all for that leg of her tour?
Ok, I just also received an official e-mail from the local promoters letting me know that the Berlin concert has been postponed to May 25, 2017. I can hold on to my ticket or send it back. So now all the info meshes!

I will write some thoughts on promotion issues later.

I always felt that it might be something else really nice and important that came up that might also be a reason for changing plans. One wouldn't let a major US opportunity slip in order to do a short European tour.

And yes, concerts get cancelled and postponed all the time - with all the venues here - sometimes even by major acts and known names - for a whole variety of reasons.
Quote:Rachel ❁ ‏@RClovesHaley 17m

Haley's news/video can't help but make you think she's maybe signed with a new label that wants to push out new music?!

Quote:Miguel ‏@HaleyFansDotCom 8m

@RClovesHaley Likely. Ole press releases list Haley as one of the artists they have "upstreamed." Ray said "the label" postponed the tour.

The fact the tour is being reset to May really makes me think she is signed. Think about Listen Up!. She came off the Idol tour, went in the studio that fall, released "Free" in March, and the album in May.

Assuming she releases the new studio material shortly before the tour, the timeline is nearly the same.
I am super bummed. I was going to see her in Warsaw. I definitely won't be able to go in May. But it sounds like she may have gotten a record deal, so I understand.
Yea, first thing I thought of was that she was signed. Particularly with her "getting back into the studio" comment. (Which is exciting.) Either that or a label is interested, and wants her and Ole to get back into the studio for an EP they can release to see how she does.

As bummed as I'm sure her fans are, I think we've got some really great news coming.
It's a good sign that the dates were postponed, not canceled. They might be so far out because it was difficult to line up free dates at the various venues.
Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 4m4 minutes ago
New dates for European Tour are posted online now - hope to see you at a show! http://haley.ae/HaleyTourDates
(09-06-2016, 03:03 AM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]I was asked permission to use clips from #TeamHaleyFans video to help them promote Haley's social media... I expect they will use the tour videos to promote the rescheduled European tour.

#TeamHaley has started using #TeamHaleyFans vids to promote the European tour CoolBig Grin

Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 7m7 minutes ago
Tickets for my European Tour available now ---> http://haley.ae/HaleyTourDates

and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BKTpNrMAcLP/
A man in Long Beach re-posted that and copied a couple of people in the Netherlands.

Quote:James Elliott shared Haley Reinhart's video — with Peter Herwegh and Laurie Akkerman.

If you get the chance to see her....She is amazing
Via PJ. Jesse Elder has been the piano player during PMJ's recent tour...

[Image: CypX7pyWEAA3ksM.jpg]
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