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Full Version: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017)
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(05-11-2017, 02:29 PM)JMT Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry to hear about the airline laptop issue, Tusk. Hopefully, you'll be able to get something for us. As always, we are in your debt!!!

I bought a second laptop as a back up to the one I used at Lollapalooza because it was on sale and it also had Windows 7 which alot of my software runs on (as opposed to 10). Turns out it's a 'newer' chip so some of my programs didn't work on it anyway. I don't have as many files on it, only the basic software, so all I need to do is buy the updated version of the software I had been using to edit my videos (around $40, cheap for editing software, but more useful for what I do than what I bought that cost 3 times as much Tongue )...

So I figure I can bring that over....it's supposed to be the same model as my older one, that's why I got it, but the newer chip meant I couldn't load what I wanted on it. I was most worried about losing data....so since this one is 'newish' w/ not much loaded, it wouldn't be as much a loss, IF it gets lost. My Brother flies alot overseas and hasn't had any problem in that regard.

Caveat is, it seems like it doesn't have as much processing power than my old one even if it has newer components, so I'll see how it works once I buy and install the new software.

Either way, I'm going to enjoy this...I had been stressing for almost a year (10 months, since June) about my passport/travel situation, why I expanded my trip to Paris and London as well as Berlin, treating myself Tongue . I finally upgraded to an iPhone as my back up camera in case there's some kind of issue. I'm going to take it out this weekend and see how it fairs in 'show conditions' as far as it's audio recording *fingers crossed*.

Also I hadn't seen my Parisian relatives in about 5 years, I actually bought VIP for my Aunt and Uncle to meet and see Haley in Paris Big Grin

So yes... I'm just having that realisation that it's really close to happening and I'll be there for it. After almost a year of stress, everything's worked out, with a month to go, enough time for me to make all the arrangements.... Big Grin
Quote:Jesse Elder

Jeszie here at the JFK airport about to head to LA for Haley Reinhart's Euro Tour rehearsals, but first, the obligatory airport Shake Shack visit for some quality, overpriced deliciousness!

He referred to himself as Jeszie b/c that's how his name was spelled on the receipt.
Haley just posted a Instagram story clip.....

she's in someone's backyard, humming a tune, I think it's what's on the stereo and she sang that it was "system of a down" (?)

Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk May 14
would be nice if Haley instagramed story her Euro tour rehearsal ...

I expect she'll be doing this all the way through her tour in Europe..... How cool she's finally jumped on the social media for your fans? Big Grin
If Haley was in Chicago for Mother's Day, the early part of today was probably devoted to traveling. Unless she left on Sunday. So I would guess the rehearsals begin in earnest tomorrow.
Rehearsals have begun, Willie-Ray's Instagram

This morning's Instagram Story, Haley singing "Baby it's You" as she scans her band, of note, it looks like she has a different bass player?

also.... an interview for Switzerland

Quote:Loads of Music‏ @LoadsOfMusic 41m41 minutes ago
Oh! @HaleyReinhart's playing at Moods in ZH May 27. We got to ask her a few questions before she starts her EU tour http://bit.ly/haley-reinhart

Quote:Prior to her show at the Moods club, we got the chance to talk to Haley Reinhart about Music, Switzerland and her female celebrity crush. If you haven’t yet heard of her, it’s time to go check her out now. Especially now that you know she’ll be playing in Zurich pretty soon. You won’t regret it!

Yes, Haley Reinhart was discovered through yet another casting show. But she is so much more than just a casting show participant. At the moment she is recording her 3rd studio album. Her 2nd album “Better” has just been released last year. The songs on “Better” are super catchy, her voice with that soul touch is amazing. You can hear a lot of different musical genres on the album. Anything from soul, jazz a little bit of blues or just great pop and rock tunes. End of May she’ll be heading out on tour through Europe, hitting stages in Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, The Netherlands, UK and Ireland.

Have you been to Switzerland before? If no – what are the things you want to do/try when you’re here?

Switzerland was actually the first place I’d ever been to outside of the U.S. I had the honorable pleasure of singing standards with my high school jazz band, in Geneva, for Monteaux Jazz Festival. It was such an eye opening experience for me – on so many levels. I’ll never forget the vibrant plantation, riding in a bus over cliffs and waterfalls, and singing to such adoring crowds. I’ve been to Zurich more recently, touring with Postmodern Jukebox. I cannot wait to get out there again, this time… on my own headlining tour!

How would you describe your music to someone who doesn’t know you yet?

I usually go with Retro-soul-pop. In my eyes, these three genres breed endless possibility… I come from a rock n roll background, so that is always present, along with my own soulful twist. I also love singing jazz. So when folks come to one of my shows, they can expect a wide array of music unfolding like a story book.

Being “discovered” by a casting show – in your eyes, is this a curse or blessing?

[American] Idol will always be much more of a blessing than a curse. Sometimes it takes longer for people to realize what I’m truly capable of & understand that I’m a serious artist with a clear vision. Aside from that, it has completely broadened my horizons. It’s given me a platform and a fan base that I am forever grateful for and working to grow and expand.

Also, last night, she posted an Insta Story where she's watching her Extra Gum ad, then snickers, then scans over to her Gold Record on the wall and says "yaay.." (Gold record on wall is not the green one presented by Extra Gum)....of note, to the right of her TV is the SMYM card that Rachel organized to give to Haley Big Grin

[Image: C_7NrZYUQAEsnpE.jpg]

h/t Avelene
(05-16-2017, 10:46 AM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]Rehearsals have begun, Willie-Ray's Instagram


8hr days are easy with this voice dancing in the room

It says they are rehearsing for the tour at "Mates Rehearsal Studio"

Quote:Since 1983, MATES has been keeping our clients comfortable so they can create. With Rehearsal Studios, Cartage, Rental and Storage facilities in several convenient locations in the city of Los Angeles, Mates has become the number one choice for artists demanding privacy, professionalism and consistency when they need it most.

*Multiple Rehearsal locations, Rooms and Stages
*Short and long-term secured storage
*Trucking and various cartage services and PA rentals
*Experienced staffing services
*Professional technical support / production
*Album and tour pre-production events

Rehearsing Good or Bad and keeping the #Blackstreet ending to the song Smile
[Image: C__ckqMUIAEBmXi.jpg:small]

This might be nothing but..... On the Insta story John Notto just posted, of some kind of glitch playing "White Rabbit" along with his music.....and it doesn't sound like Grace Slick.....In fact...it sounds ALOT like Haley Tongue

She has sung that song before with the Rastitutes....
I'm going to the Glasgow and Doublin shows!! HeartHeart
Wow, that's something. Ever been to Europe before?
[Image: 18444390_1669515800024195_3466831037928046592_n.jpg]

Day 3: European tour rehearsals - I'll be seein your lovely faces a week from today! Get your tix while ya can!

[Image: 18580319_105114276709678_4501385906736857088_n.jpg]

Day 3 of rehearsals here in LA for Haley Reinhart's Euro tour and the band sounds killing... Warsaw, we'll see you soon.

(05-17-2017, 01:00 PM)NUG Wrote: [ -> ]I'm going to the Glasgow and Doublin shows!! HeartHeart

Sweet!.... That's going to be fun!

Haliens learning the old proverb...."If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain"....something I realised a long time ago Tongue
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