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Rachel - this is awesome and congratulations. It's been such a pleasure to have you as a fellow Halien all of these years. Heart
In ramdon order of course and IMHO the next Halien of the month should to be one of these three:Miguel,Tusk or Himm2
What you think about?
Haley is such a sweetheart Heart

[Image: 17437519_151760398682657_2691288411037237248_n.jpg]

Hey folks, It's time to declare the next #halienofthemonth Everyone give it up for Anthony "Tusk" Bosner!!! @haleystusk your dedication and overflowing amount of support over the years fills me with great joy! The fact that I have inspired creativity in your life, leads me to believe, that I truly am living out my life's destiny. Thank you for traveling near & far to see my shows over the years. Thank you for spreading my music, artistry, the love, and personality behind it all - with as many people as possible. I'm so grateful to have a fan like you!

Tusk, you are so deserving of this honor and recognition. Thank you so much for all you do to support Miguel and this forum...Heart
Congratulations Tusk! Well deserved indeed Big Grin (He says after just watching a couple Paris videos) Tongue
Congrats tusk! You have supplied haliens without a lot of positive energy and vibes over the years with your amazing support. Your channel gives haliens all around the world the chance to partake in amazing experiences we cant participate in first hand for one reason or the other. More than well deserved.
Congratulations Tusk. Well deserved.
Congratulations Tusk. Oh so well deserved! Between you and Rachel, the next Halien of the month is going to have some pretty big shoes to fill!
Congratulations Tusk! Thanks for all you do for Haley and for us!
Thank you guys, as I posted in my interview, I've had some great support and I'm humbled to be allowed to get out my creative juices working on their video and photographs, I can only hope that I can do them justice.

I'm pleased that Haley remembered my conversation with her about being my Muse, awakening my creativity, way back when, 3 years ago? at the private party. Up until then, I had never been motivated to such an extent, let alone doing it for 5+ years. Thank goodness I have an outlet for it, otherwise I might burst Tongue

Fortunately, there was a camera rolling when Haley says, "I'm so Happy I can inspire you to get back into it...." when I gave her the cover I made for the BGDays 2013 show

I'm still amazed at what she recalls... Tongue
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