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Very well deserved Tusk!! Your passion, creativity, and artistry combined with your love of Haley’s musicality and the desire to spread her music worldwide have brought you to this highpoint and I am so happy for you. You represent Haley and us Haliens admirably. I loved the interview and your answers, very well stated especially your descriptions of Haley, being a fan and your sentiments about Haley and her parents. The pictures are great and capture your journey beautifully. As I said about Rachel, excellently done by both Haley and you!!!
it's going to be a major drop off in the future for sure after the first few slots are filled... and hard to imagine any nearly as much as Tusk (although I suppose one tweet from Kim Kardashian ... oh, what's this world we live in!) Congratulations Tusk
(03-15-2017, 10:06 AM)lovinghaleyr Wrote: [ -> ]In ramdon order of course and IMHO the next Halien of the month should to be one of these three:Miguel,Tusk or Himm2
What you think about?

¡CONGRATULATIONS¡¡¡¡¡ You really deserve this award CoolCoolCool
A few comments from Haley's instagram:

Quote:haleyreinhart Hey folks, It's time to declare the next #halienofthemonth ✨?✌?️ Everyone give it up for Anthony "Tusk" Bosner!!! @haleystusk your dedication and overflowing amount of support over the years fills me with great joy! The fact that I have inspired creativity in your life, leads me to believe, that I truly am living out my life's destiny. Thank you for traveling near & far to see my shows over the years. Thank you for spreading my music, artistry, the love, and personality behind it all - with as many people as possible. I'm so grateful to have a fan like you! Read his interview at the link in my bio!

Quote:grahna @haleystusk - you're a true fan and a really good person with a big heart. I'm glad I've gotten to know you too, and I want thank you, from a writer and producer perspective! Ps.I hope you're excited for the upcoming album!

Quote:sourtaps Yea Tusk!

Quote:chiarakramer Love this! Congrats @haleystusk!

Quote:jsayswho TUSK!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote:iamkritidaga I am from India. And I have been following Haley Reinhardt and "Haleys Tusk" on YouTube for YEARS Now. It is a FANTASTIC feeling to finally see the man behind this!! I hope I get to meet you someday, Haley Reinhart. All my Love. Kriti!

Quote:harryburnsii69 @haleystusk big thanks for all you have done for us, Haliens, specially overseas !

Quote:cds.i.own His youtube account is amazing. I've been subscribed for years and it really does help know what you're up to

Quote:luthfilanwar TQ @haleystusk from Malaysia.
("thank you")
Congrats on a well-deserved honor Tusk. Your archives could fill a large Hall(ien) of Fame.
Ditto to ALL of the above, Tusk. Haley is truly lucky to have such a fan as you-- and so many people have enjoyed Haley's journey since Idol because of you. I don't remember who coined the term 'Halien' (and on what forum it was), but it may well have been you. Certainly, you epitomize what it means to be one.
Too generous guys, thank youBlush

Part of the motivation is seeing something you've worked on, as a team, can bring a little happiness, some great music, to strangers, people you don't even know, but who are searching for that special something, and for them to discover that something is Haley. We've all had that WTF moment w/ Haley, how awesome is it to know that you've played some part in gifting that short but special moment of discovery onto somebody else?...and they will share it and so on and so on Big Grin

I answered a nice post on Haley's Instagram, something I really believe...
Quote: Thank you, It is a labour of love and rewarding to be part of something that elevates, something that brings people together. Haley's is a once in a generation voice and I'm grateful for the opportunity to give others the ability to experience her gorgeous vocals for themselves

(04-04-2017, 11:36 PM)JMT Wrote: [ -> ]I don't remember who coined the term 'Halien' (and on what forum it was), but it may well have been you.

Sorry, I can't take credit for that. At the time of the name's creation, probably on Twitter, I was still freaked out about social media, sticking to forums, about as far as I'd go. Undecided (How things have changed Tongue )
Regarding the term "Halien", I found the first use of the term in an TVLine Forum on March 31, 2011 from a poster named "Truth"

[Image: C8qaUDCW0AACbeU.jpg]

So, that would be the first use of the term to mean a big fan of Haley, but the spelling was later changed obviously. And I do not know who used the current "Halien" word first..

Congrats again Tusk!
Article dated 3/09/2011
Quote:Haley Reinhart seemed less sure of her fan-club moniker, sheepishly suggesting "the Throwbackers" or "the Laid Backers" or "the Good Vibers." In keeping with his confident onstage demeanor, country teen Scotty McCreery said he's seen a couple of good fan-picked nicknames online, including his favorites — "Scotty's Hotties" and "the Scotty Macs."
(04-04-2017, 11:36 PM)JMT Wrote: [ -> ]I don't remember who coined the term 'Halien' (and on what forum it was),

"HALIENS" caught on fast. I also remember it being used while season 10 was still live on the AI official message board, on Idolforums, on Dialidol, and on a couple other Haley fan club sites that have long since died out.
If you scramble the letters you get "INHALE"...something I have to remember to do when a Haley performance really gets exciting and something Haley has inconspicuously mastered when holding a note longer than most lungs could manage.

[Image: Halien_zpslkxjj1ge.jpg]
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