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Oh oh oh Oh My! August 2017 Halien of the month goes to the dashing... @coll.in.moore!!!
You my dear-y, are hilarious & you give me so much life right back! Thank you for spreading my music 'round & being a part of the Halien Fam... As it would not be the same with out you, dear Collin! Keep snatchin those wigs & I'll do the same. ♥️ Read Collin’s interview now at the link in my bio!

There's been nothing but quality, wit, love and eloquence with the HOTMs up to now - and once again! Very well done and so worth reading!
Just realised, I'm the only one to have met all of the HOTM's so far, Rachel several times, Avelene I was at Solana Beach at her first time meeting then her first Haley show w/ PMJ, met Miguel 4 times, Kristina in the UK and drove Collin to his first Haley show in LA when he flew in from Texas Smile
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September's #HalienOfTheMonth goes to... @dbrosarito! Wow, you are the amazing young man who has sent me the same loving tweet EVERY SINGLE DAY for many years now. ?

Thank you for continuing to warm my heart & spreading my music out in the Philippines! Hope to see you & play there again someday! Ps Thanks for being so very pun-y with all of my song references in your interview hehe, much love! X
Read his full interview at the link in bio!

and my streak of having met every HOTM so far has been broken...guess I jinxed myself lol Tongue
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Annnnd the next #HalienOfTheMonth goes to... @lichoscar!!! Man! The creativity & wittiness my fans bring to me never seizes to put a smile on my face! ? Thank you for being such a fun, interesting, and loyal fan. Here's to many more years of music. Can't wait to see you at a show someday? Read his interview and check out his #halien memes at the link in my bio!
#WhatsThatSound? #halien

Congrats to Lisa!

Quote:Haley Reinhart‏Verified account @HaleyReinhart

The next #HalienOfTheMonth goes to.... Lisa!!! You are such a sweet & thoughtful young lady. From baking cakes to making my tour dates... The fact that you have been here since day one, makes me one lucky girl! X ?♥️
Read her interview ---> https://www.haleyreinhart.com/announceme...month-lisa

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Truly deserving and yes, I'm still grinning....congrats Lisa Big Grin
Lisa, I am so happy about your much deserved recognition as HOM!! Heart

Your interview was thoughtful and unassuming, just like you are.Cool WTG!!!
Congratulations Lisa! Quite an honor and very well-deserved. Great responses and such an enjoyable read.
Aright Lisa Exclamation Congrats on your selection as HOTM. Smile
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