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Quote:Derek Spartz‏ @DerekRadio 10m10 minutes ago
Excited to hear these! #Remix new Haley Reinhart single & win $1000 + official release -> http://haley.ae/RemixTheLetter
#producer #dj #edm #dance

[Image: DFJANdbVoAAHLH4.jpg]


Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk
Holy Crap! they've set up where the vocal & music are on separate tracks #TheLetter
This is SO COOL @HaleyReinhart

Seriously....how often do we get to hear Haley's vocal isolated? I love this! Big Grin

Remix Rules:

Quote:Haley Reinhart is looking for remixes of her song "The Letter".

*You must use the provided vocal audio stems to be eligible.
*You can choose to use small bits, or the entire vocal stem. Using elements from the original instrumentation, and putting your own spin on them, is a plus.
*Do not include any material that you do not have the legal right to exploit.
*More votes will not make your submission more likely to win the Grand Prize.
*The artist will be picking the winner based on musicality.
*"The Letter" is at about 135 BPM in the key of D Minor. This track was not recorded to a click.
^ Her voice is stunning in general, but to hear it all by itself for the first time is really cool!

I remember when Kris Allen did a similar thing for Thank You Camelia's debut single "The Vision of Love." It resulted in a digital only remix EP. (That I still need to buy...) Anyway. Why I mentioned Kris is that Kris fans also got to hear his voice solo for the first time, and it was beautiful.

So cool that another fave singer of mine (Haley) got to do the same! Big Grin Heart
I too enjoy listening to just her voce, so I'm glad they broke it out.

While I know nothing about remixing, I would think "Baby It's You" would provide more opportunities for cutting and splicing. And the higher pitch in Haley's voice would seem to work better with a beat-driven mix.
Well,as we all know the Haley's voice is an orchestra by itself
Starting to get some submissions for the remix contest.

I just listened to one and liked it.

(07-21-2017 10:39 AM)Miguel Wrote: [ -> ]Starting to get some submissions for the remix contest.

I just listened to one and liked it.


I listened to part's of about 15(edit.. keeps going up) of them and all of 6 or 7 of them.

Some of them are really good ... I think I enjoy a couple more than the album recording , depending on my mood. They would definitely be far better bar or dance music (logically so, because the original wasn't that style)

Its the sort of thing I wish I could get myself to learn to do(even if do really poorly!). I even have a subscription to Adobe CC which is sort of an albatross for me to pay monthly given how much I use it(sort of like a gym membership). I have some tools to do the mixing if I wanted to.

Obviously this is a real hobby for some of these people doing it.. I'm sure a number of them are "pros" or aspiring "pros" who do some paid audio work in some form or another.

GREAT idea of Haley's or management to put out a $1000 prize ... seems like past prizes at the site are often in the $300 range. That coupled with not too many present opportunities should get a lot of submissions
(of course, I guess "great" is only that if it pays off business wise.. can't do everything.. I suppose it depends on the reach)


All publicity is good publicity, and positive publicity is even better. I'm sure some of these people must have some social network numbers and I'm sure they're sharing their versions on their networks.
It appears to be good exposure in that most of the submissions are from an international audience. If they like Haley's voice, they might sample some of her other work.

The "Keeno Remix" of "Get Out" is Casey Abrams' most-viewed video outside of Posmodern Jukebox. It has nearly three times as many views -- 4,678,849 -- as the official release.
Just like sitting in the studio booth with Haley. Absolutely wonderful.
Just came across this description of the site, on the site:

Quote:The Indaba Music community is made of 1.2 million music producers - from emerging artists to Grammy Award winners.

Shaped by our creative direction, our community creates music for some of the biggest artists in the world - including Alicia Keys, The Chainsmokers, Usher, Kygo, John Legend, Chistina Aguilera, T-Pain, The Roots, Yo-Yo Ma, Bon Iver, Snoop Dogg, Linkin Park, Mariah Carey, Steve Aoki, Peter Gabriel, Weezer, and many others.

These new works and remixes are frequently released through each major label and have been streamed hundreds of millions of times.
Up to 41 submissions now.

This one is from Germany: https://www.indabamusic.com/opportunitie...ort=newest
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