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Full Version: Haley appeared with Jeff Goldblum tonight (5/18/18) in a recorded performance
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Not sure if this is related, Haley posted she was at Capitol Records for a new project she's excited to tell us about...


h/t Avelene

[Image: Ddh9UbqUQAAgIoH.jpg]
Quote:Tonight’s show is a special one, not just because it’s Goldblum’s first time back in a while. In the audience is Grammy-winning record producer Larry Klein, who will produce (with Mastro) a live album for Decca Records at the Capitol Records Building next month.


Quote:ApplauseStore™ USA @ApplauseStoreUS
May 12

You are exclusively invited to this very special, intimate evening of incredible jazz music & comedy all performed live by Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. Being filmed on May 18 & 19 at the world-famous Capitol Records Studios.

[Image: DdCgqqNXUAUvNDX.jpg]

Quote:Alex Oates @Velocentric
May 17

Do I know anyone in #LA that would like the chance to see Jeff Goldblum make music at Capitol Studios tomorrow or Saturday?

Quote:Angie Hull @mrsangiehull
May 17

@StockmanGirl would you be interested in going to a recording with Jeff Goldblum tomorrow evening? It's at Capitol Records building in Hollywood. I've had an email - complimentary food and drinks and free tickets! Need an email address if you're interested! Hope you're well x

Quote:Noel Askew
May 17 ·

LA friends... does anybody fancy some guest passes to see Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra live at the Capitol this weekend? (I’m looking at you Adam Leibovitz and Josh Dusick but also anyone else.??)
Hit me up if you fancy it...


Note, Saturday too:

Quote:ApplauseStore™ UK Verified account @ApplauseStoreUK
May 16

@JWAssembly Hi @ApplauseStoreUK here, We have a free Jeff Goldblum gig at Capitol Studios, LA this Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May at 7pm. Use Promocode: JEFF to request tickets!


Quote:Anna Wawrzynczak shared a link to the group: Los Angeles Jazz Society.
· 23 hrs ·
Heyy, Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer are performing LIVE at Capitol Studios on Friday and Saturday this week so if you don’t have any plans then you get grab some free tickets at http://www.applausestore.com/usa/ with the PROMO CODE: LAJS

Tiny snippet of band here:

Quote:Julee Spanier is at Capitol Records.
2 hrs · Los Angeles, CA ·
Comedy and jazz of Jeff Goldblum


Quote:Kevin Cadis
12 hrs ·
Anyone have a car we can borrow for the weekend to head to L.A.? We won tickets to be part of filmed event where jeff Goldblum plays piano! Not sure if our truck can make it! It's kristine's birthday!!
Ed Begley JR was there. I've seen a couple of mentions of Sarah Silverman, she apparently sung, but none of Haley.


Von Smith sings "As Time Goes By" with Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

[Image: DdlcYPvV4AAUWUm.jpg]

[Image: 32468203_2120723124825820_915816950267904000_n.jpg]


Last night was a BALL! What a joy it was meeting you & sharing a dressing room together. You’re a doll @sarahkatesilverman Heart I can’t wait for everyone to get hip to this cool new project we’re a part of! Catch ya at @largolosangeles one of these days Wink

Fierce roomies! What an amazing night on stage and off !!!! @sarahkatesilverman @haleyreinhart

"Catch ya at @largolosangeles one of these days"

Quote:Giggle and hum at Largo, an intimate L.A. space where music and comedy thrive

Why: Largo (formally, Largo at the Coronet) is a rare venue where music and comedy rub elbows, where performers take chances, where big names turn up on stage and in the crowd, where audiences really concentrate. So don't show up late; once the show starts (usually 8:30 p.m.), the doors close and that's that.


Looks like "Sarah Silverman & Friends" have played there for years. Their next show there is Saturday, June 2nd. SarahSilvermanOnlne.com says, "She does that show once a month when she’s available."
So lovely to meet you, Kitten!!

I don't expect musical magic from Haley's appearance with Jeff Goldblum (because the band doesn't rehearse set numbers and he seems to focus on the audience as much as the stage), but I think it's a great connection to have and I regard her being asked to take part in his recording as an honor.
[Image: DdzxgipV0AEnl1C.jpg]

@jaymichaels13 @jaymichaels13

Can't wait for you to see & hear this #JeffGoldblum & friends! Soon!
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