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Not sure if it's a blessing or a curse, for someone who was not keen on social media, I've been posting a ton ever since I started my Twitter/Youtube/instagram. Anyways, as my memory continues to degrade, I've noticed that places I would go to look up references on Haley things, they're starting to close down, the photos that used to be posted have disappeared, remembering milestones in Haley's career is becoming harder and harder....

I also realised that I'm starting to forget the dates of the shows I've gone to, so had to sit myself down and search the dates going back to 2012. It's going to get to a point where there's so many things over the stretch of so many years, that perhaps we should have a place to record what happened when in Haley's career.

I have the Haley calendars that I created that marked highlights in 2011/2012 to start things off:


Jan 26th: Haley's Milwaukee Idol audition airs on TV

Feb 16th: Hollywood Week- Haley introduces the 'growl' in God Bless the Child
Feb 23rd: Vegas week, Haley performs "The Long and Winding Road" with Jacob Lusk & Naima Adedopo, all 3 of them advance.

March 3rd: Semi Finals/Wildcard: Haley perfoms "Fallin'"
March 9th: Personal Idols (top 13) Haley performs "Blue"
March 16th: Year You were Born (top 12) Haley performs "I'm Your Baby Tonight"
March 23rd: Motown (top 11) Haley performs "You've Really Got a Hold on Me"
March 30th: Elton John (top 10) Haley performs "Bennie and the Jets" (Casey is saved from elimination. All 11 Idols will go on tour (Instead of 10)

April 6th: Rock & Roll Hall of fame (top 9) Haley performs "Piece of My Heart"
April 13th: Songs from the Movies (top 8) Haley performs "Call Me"
April 20th: 21st Century Songs (top 7) Haley performs "Rolling in the Deep"
April 27th: Carole King (top 6) Haley performs "Beautiful"

May 4th: Songs from Now & Then (top 5) Haley performs "You & I" & "House of the Rising Sun"
May 11th: Songs that Inspire/Lieber & Stoller (top 4) Haley performs "Earh Song" & "I Who Have Nothing"
May 13th: Haley's Hometown Visit
May 18th: Zeppelin clears "What is and What Should Never Be" for Haley to sing with her Dad, Harry, at lead guitar, the first Idol to have a parent on stage with them in a performance. Haley also perfoms"You Oughta Know" and "Rhianon"
May 19th: Haley performs a 'personalized' version of "Bennie and the Jets" for her Swan Song.
May 25th: Haley performs "Steppin' Out With My Baby" with Tony Bennett in the Idol Season 10 finale.

June 2nd: Haley performs "House of the Rising Sun" on Regis and Kelly
June 18th: Michael Slezak's Post Idol TVLine Interview is posted, awarding Haley the bouquet of flowers for Season 10 (Comment section breaks previous high in comments, more than doubling it)
June 28th: Haley's American Idol EP is released, including, "House of the Rising Sun" "Bennie and the Jets" "Rolling in the Deep" "What is and What Should Never Be" "You Oughta Know"

July 6th: First Season 10 Idol Live show, Maverick Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
July 25th: First reports Haley signed with Interscope

Aug 1st: Haley returns home, misses Paul McCartney show due to flight cancellation
Aug 5th: Haley performs on "Windy City Live"
Aug 6th: Haley & Idol perform in Allstate Arena, Rosemont a second Hometown celebration
Aug 12th: Haley & Idol tour perform on "Good Morning America"

Sept 9th: The Idols and fans in Toronto sing Happy Birthday to Haley after she and Casey perform "Moanin"
Sept 19th: Casey posts Haley's performance of "God Bless the Child" from Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Club in New Orleans
Sept 20th: The Idols go overseas to sold out shows in the Philippines
Sept 23rd: Haley's first "Twitter Party"

Oct 10th: Haley moves to LA from Chicago to live nearer Interscope

Nov 8th: Irving Mayfield Jr tweets hint of possibility Haley performing Carnegie Hall with him, impressed by her performance in his club
Nov 15th: Yahoo debuts Haley and Casey's "Baby it's Cold Outside" video
Nov 16th: "Baby, it's Cold Outside" available on iTunes
Nov 17th: "Baby it's Cold Outside" reaches #4 on top 100
Nov 19th: Haley & Casey perform at Magnificent Mile Light Festival in Chicago

Dec: 2nd: Haley & Casey perform for KTLA's tree lighting at the the Nokia Theatre.


Whew that took too long. I'll post the dates from my 2013 calendar for 2012 later.

So the point of the thread. Post what you think is an important event in Haley's career so far and we'll try and keep some kind of reference place to look up 'significant' dates in Haley's career Tongue

Haley's first year in Idol included many firsts, events that might not be a big deal except it's the first time for Haley.

So this thread is for posting events that have a decent significance, or turned out to be significant... like for instance up top, Casey posting Haley's GBTC turns into Irvin's Tweet invite turns into Carnegie Hall.


Feb 10th: Haley performs "Free" for the first time & "At Last" at the Grammy Museum during Grammy Week
Feb 18th: Haley performs "Wild Horses" with Slash & Myles Kennedy at the MGM Grande in Vegas celebrating Muhammad Ali's 70th birthday. Performance broadcast by ESPN nation wide.
Feb 21st: Haley performs "Free" and debuts "Wasted Tears" at Hollywood Hard Rock. Neara Russel is on keyboards.

March 2nd: Irving Mayfield Jr tweets Haley again about the possibility of Carnegie Hall
March 6th: Single album art is released for "Free"
March 8th: Haley debuts "Hit the Ground Running" at the Dallas House of Blues (incidentally, this is where Haley met Jay, her current manager)
March 14th: Pre-Order for "Listen Up!", Haley's debut album, begins
March 22nd: Haley performs "Free" live on American Idol, Keith Phelps is on Keyboards.
March 23rd: "Now That You're Here" debuts
March 24th: "Free" music video debuts
March 27th: Haley's acting debut on "90210" and performs "Free"

April 2nd: Haley confirms she will be going to Carnegie Hall with Irving Mayfield to Tusk in Spokane, Washington, at a radio station performance. Tusk's first time seeing Haley perform live.
April 5th: Haley performs National Anthem at Comerica Park in Detroit
April 17th: Lollapalooza pre-sales begin
April 24th: Haley performs "Free" on Conan O'brien. Lays down tracks for "Hit the Road Jack" for Casey's debut album

May 21st: Haley's Debut eve party at the Hard Rock Cafe for "Listen Up!" with a full band, John Notto, Keith Phelps, Courtney Leonard and Breezy Lovejoy aka Anderson Paak
May 22nd: Haley's debut album officially drops
May 26th: Haley returns to Chicago to celebrate hometown "Listen Up!" debut

June 7th: Haley records "Free" performance for 'The View' to air on July 6th
June 26th: "Hit the Road Jack" featuring Haley and Casey is released
June 27th: "Oh My!" is used in VH1's "Hollywood Exes"

July 8th: Haley appears with Idol's Lee DeWyze on Fox' "Hell's Kitchen" and Haley appears in MLB "All Star Legends and Celebrities" Softball game. Airs July 9th
July 27th: "Undone" appears on Movie "Step Up Revolution"

Aug 3rd: Haley is the first American Idol to perform at Lollapalooza on the BMI stage
Aug 9th: Carnegie Hall tickets go on sale
Aug 23rd: Haley opens for Macy Gray at Americana in Glendale, performs "Undone". Haley's "Oh My!" used in ABC's "Rookie Blue"
Aug 27th: "Hit the Ground Running" is used in VH1's Single ladies.
Aug 29th: Haley joins Idol Season 11's Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon & Joshua Ledet at iHeart Radio Theater in New York
"Hit the Ground Running" and "Oh My!" used on ESPN's College Sports programming .

Sept 3rd: ABC's "Nashville" uses "Hit the Ground Running" in their commericals
Sept 18th: Haley is a judge on the Steve Harvey TV Show
Sept 24th: Haley performs Duffy's "Mercy" in Taiwan Taipei on "Million Star"
Sept 25th: Haley performs her songs as well as "You and I" in Taipei for the Big Fox Gala Party.

Oct. 8th: Haley performs at Carnegie Hall, She and Casey invited to perform by Irvin Mayfield jr, where they perform "Hit the Road Jack" , Haley performs "God Bless the Child" and "Blues in the Night" with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
Oct. 16th: Haley's first Stageit show
Oct. 23rd: Haley performs "Oh My!" & "Undone" for NBC's Real Music Live

Nov 5th: Haley opens for Allen Stone in Montreal and Portland, Maine the following day.
Nov 20th: AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
Nov 22nd: Haley and Patti participate in Chicago Thanksgiving parade

Dec 6, 7, 8: Haley has a 3 day residency in the Champagne Lounge at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas. 19 songs a night with Keith Phelps & Courtney Leonard.

Dec 19th: Haley, Angie, Patti and Harry have a Reinhart Christmas Stageit performance
Wikipedia has a pretty extensive collection of Haley events timeline also: wiki