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Full Version: Haley on Josh Wolf Tonight 7pm Pacific 6.12.2018
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Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart 11m11 minutes ago
Haley Reinhart Retweeted Josh Wolf
Stoked to be on the one and only @joshwolfcomedy ‘s #podcast called “Controlled Chaos” tonight! Tune into the #livestream this fine evening for some chats & laughs at 7pm PAC time! Ohh & I’ll be performing my new single, "Last Kiss Goodbye" for the first time live!

Quote:Josh Wolf @joshwolfcomedy
Josh Wolf Retweeted Jay Michaels
Can’t wait for Haley to debut her single on “Controlled Chaos” next week!! 7 PST, Tuesday June 12, on My FB Fan Page!
The 6.13.2018 thread title is wrong. It's tonight.
Fixed it, but the title does say "Tonight"

Quote:Jay Michaels @jaymichaels13 5m5 minutes ago

Coming up in 8 minutes @joshwolfcomedy @RealFPJr & @HaleyReinhart LIVE & music & who knows what? #Biceps Josh!? http://Facebook.com/joshwolfcomedy backstage biceps!

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Quote:Jay Michaels @jaymichaels13 38s38 seconds ago

Here we go! @HaleyReinhart @joshwolfcomedy @RealFPJr

[Image: DfiWVTLVMAAVajS.jpg]
Josh's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj8uL3AHqp2/

Haley singing #LastKissGoodbye w/ Dylan on Josh Wolf

[Image: DfihCZTU8AAUANh.jpg]

Here's Haley's performance: https://twitter.com/HaleysTusk/status/10...6845566977
I missed it again so I will watch it back tomorrow Smile
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Big thanks to everyone for another amazing episode of @chaoswithjosh! Check out the episode on my FB Fan Page or my YouTube channel. @realfreddieprinze @haleyreinhart @thebradwollack @jonleebrody @averyfunny @beckyrobinson4 all killed it!
FYI if you didn't know, Freddie Prinze jr is married to Sarah Michelle Gellar, aka Buffy....so there is an Idol connection Wink

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Quote:Freddie Prinze Jr liked your reply
Tusk @HaleysTusk

@RealFPJr Fun fact, when @HaleyReinhart was on Idol, she was affectionately known as "The Slayer" after Buffy because she over came great odds vs the 'evil' judges
(06-12-2018, 08:56 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]Here's Haley's performance: https://twitter.com/HaleysTusk/status/10...6845566977

In case you missed it among all my posts last night, I captured, Haley's #LKG performance and tweeted it out. I needed to boost the volume and dampen some of the hiss so we can hear Haley better Cool
[Image: 34350280_1673207356108555_9105379617262272512_n.jpg]

[Image: 34983080_495711767507294_1808136804474290176_n.jpg]

What a wacky fun time I had with this crew yesterday! Thanks for havin’ me on your podcast @chaoswithjosh Happy I got to share the sofa, stories, and laugh with you @realfreddieprinze @thebradwollack & @lilhankwilliams Big Grin You guys can still watch our ridiculousness on my fb or Josh’s Page @joshwolfcomedy! Many thanks to the homie @dylan_chambers for playin’ #lastkissgoodbye with me for the first time LIVE! Come see us & the rest of my band play tons more at the @thetroubadour Thurs 6/21!
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