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Full Version: Haley plays "A+list festival" with Jeff Goldblum - Sat 6/23/18
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Quote:Jay Michaels Verified account
@jaymichaels13 13m
JUST ADDED! Legit tomorrow @HaleyReinhart @arroyosecowknd #Arryosecowkn d HUGE lineup Haley day 1 3p with #JeffGoldblum

Quote:Jay Michaels is at Rose Bowl Stadium.
7 mins · Pasadena, CA ·

Tomorrow Haley Reinhart plays a HUGE A+list festival #ArroyoSeco 3p #JeffGoldblum see you there!

[Image: DgWec2FV4AA_aoo.jpg:large]
What a thrill for Harry & Patti Reinhart! Harry playing on stage with the Doors Robby Krieger and today hangin' out with all these superstars in music at the Hollywood Bowl. Too bad I couldn't stay in LA one more day like Harry & Patti.

oops, I guess it's at the Rose Bowl not the Hollywood Bowl. She'll have no Gutter Balls at either Bowl.
Quote:Vanessa Franko Verified account @vanessafranko

Jeff Goldblum brings out special guest Haley Reinhart for a Nina Simone song. #arroyosecoweekend

[Image: DgaP4lVU8AETgdz.jpg]
Quote:Omg...one of my favorite female vocalists...Haley Rhinehart with Jeff Goldblum

2 minutes of video:

Picture of Haley with Jeff Goldblum. She appears quite happy.


What a thrilllll! Just finished singin’ with @jeffgoldblum & the band here at @arroyosecowknd #festival!!! ?#jeffgoldblum #neilyoung #jackwhite #belleandsebastian #seujorge #kamasiwashington



Quote:Angela Dalrymple Shopper

Arroyo secco weekend. Surprise guest Haley Reinhart! .. yes! ..

14 seconds of Haley performing earlier today... but it's a good 14 seconds.

[Image: arroyo-seco-music-festival-pasadena-usa-....jpg:small]

[Image: arroyo-seco-music-festival-pasadena-usa-....jpg:small]


Quote:Arroyo Seco Weekend: Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra charm the crowd Saturday

...They played a mix of songs, including a Marvin Gaye’s “Don’t Mess with Mr. T” and a bossa nova version of “Harvest Moon” by Saturday night headliner Neil Young. Goldblum also brought out guest singer and former “American Idol” contestant Haley Reinhart for a version of Nina Simone’s “My Baby Just Cares for Me.”..

Wow. Sharp photos. Haley clearly loves playing with Jeff.

The other day Haley was responding to YouTube comments on the video for her new song. I wondered if that might be the influence of her new management group, Maverick, or Jeff Goldblum -- he makes it a point to interact with his audience and seems to derive a lot of enjoyment from it.

Group photo:


So fun to see my honey @jjbagg play with @jeffgoldblum today at @arroyosecowknd ❤️ I love these guys. @haleyreinhart was a beauty and brought down the house! ✨? ...la la la. #arroyosecoweekend #haleyreinhart #jeffgoldblum @low_notes #kennyelliott @saxpyornce

[Image: 34909430_2062611447395222_4348674972978249728_n.jpg]
Repost of the end of Gee Baby

That's a jaw dropping finish by the slayer. Smile
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