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Full Version: Haley PAVE Concert Sept 29, 2018
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Set list for @HaleyReinhart @PAVEinfo show @PatioTheater
Let's Start
Check Please
Baby it's You
Somewhere in Between
Last Kiss Goodbye
Cry Me a River
Sunny Afternoon
Now That You're Here
Don't Know How to Love You
Can't Help Falling in Love
For What it's Worth
It was so awesome to hang out with my Haliens yesterday !! I can’t wait to see video of the performances. So thankful to have chairs, but I gotta say I wanted to get up and bop during the fast numbers.
OK NUGgie - Here's the first six (unedited and with the same echo-y sound heard in the big old venue):

Yay, it was a great night with everyone!! I loved being in the front row! Last year I was in the balcony and the next day I was mad at myself for not going down into the front, so I'm really happy I did now. Smile And thank you to Randy for the PMJ dvd! I am excited to watch it soon!
If only I was able to stay for the group picture.....I got a text from my parents that they were waiting for me in front of the theater, and had to leave a bit early after my M&G with Haley.
Edit: Not sure why my post/picture is so big on the page, oops
[Image: 42863929_10217474824203245_1670863052624...e=5C59C375]
Lisa - here's the M&G vid:
Randy thank you for the PMJ cd!!! I went to give you a hug goodbye, but you were pulling out of the driveway. Thanks again Heart
Awww thank you for the video! I love it <3
Sorry I missed the concert...but I appreciate all the vids-what a great night! Smile Thanks for sharing.
You’re welcome Lisa and Barb. I wish the PMJ PBS show was broadcast on more stations for folks to see Haley’s magnificent performance but nice they made the concert available on DVD.

Beautiful pic with Haley, Lisa and wonderful video that Steve captured at the M & G. Sorry I wasn’t around to get that hug and say goodbye, Barb but next time for sure. Thanks to everyone for the friendship and fun times seeing Haley, her parents and their band along with her sister. What a great performance. Haley is always in fine form but there is something special about the Chicago shows. And to consider Haley’s hectic schedule, she truely is amazing.

Nice vantage point and video of the show, Steve.
Thanks Randy, always great having you & Brent join us & I'll repay your generous PMJ DVD gift with one from me. A NUG HUG is the best!
I just realized "For What It's Worth" I didn't shoot it combined with CHFIL. So here is the missing link to the playlist:
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