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Full Version: Fall 2018 coming 'soon'
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Quote:PJ@PJHaleyR 7m7 minutes ago

saw this update on haley's spotify page ? #newsingle #surprise ?

[Image: Dmhyf_VX0AImWg0.jpg]

I hope soon means October... Tongue
Haley has spent a few days in Nashville w/ Clare Reynolds. I vaguely remembered there was an insta story in a sound booth, but today, Haley posted that they were basically recording at Clare's place, her cupboard, Haley's 'recording studio'


The only thing I can figure is maybe they're writing songs, then recording a rough audio either to improve later or to present to someone to see if they like it?
[Image: DpHcJgaU4AAorWm.jpg]
Quote:Jay Michaels
@jaymichaels13 Oct 9
WOW ? @HaleyReinhart we’ve only just begun ??#Fall2018