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Full Version: America Salutes You Guitar Legends II - Dec. 2
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H/t to Miguel for finding this.

Quote:Martin Guigui
6 hrs ·
It’s happening! AMERICA SALUTES YOU broadcast concert event! Including a LIVE national network broadcast dedicated to providing aid and relief for the victims of the California fires, first responders, and our heroic fire fighters.
December 2nd at the Novo Theater in Los Angeles LA LIVE.
I will be music directing and performing with an awesome line-up including Joe Bonamassa, ‪Stephen Stills‬, Robby Krieger, Orianthi, ‪Don Felder‬, ‪Sammy Hagar‬, ‪Dave Navarro‬, ‪Vernon Reid‬, Billy Gibbons, Laurence Juber, Haley Reinhart, Emily Estefan, James Harman, The Guigui Kidz, and very special surprise guests! Backed by the LA ALL-STARS Band with Kenny Aronoff, Carmine Rojas, Philip Lo Presti, Joe Sublett, Mark Pender, ’LaBamba’ Richard Rosenberg, Rick Baron, Heather Davis.
Norman Lear and Joe Mantegna will be receiving ‘America Salutes You’ Awards for their dedication to Veteran and Mental Wellness causes.
Big thanks to our Angel sponsors and AXS-TV!
Tickets here:

Typically proceeds from ASY concerts support mental health related causes. It sounds like the event is being expanded to include the live broadcast to provide aid to California fire victims and first responders.

Nothing about it on the website at this time.
ASY website

Nova theater
Dylan posted a clip of Haley tonight on his Instagram Story

Haley singing Light My Fire


h/t Miguel
Love the One You're With
According to Haley, they're hoping for the tour in Spring 2019 Smile

(12-03-2018, 08:23 PM)john Wrote: [ -> ]Love the One You're With

He just confirmed he also has video of Haley's performance   Big Grin
Haley put her stories together into an Instagam Highlights

[Image: 46841022_309832072956359_6769487139250820336_n.jpg]

Instagram now makes it so you can't select, copy and paste their text anymore Tongue
The big take away is Look for the show to be broadcast on PBS Dec.  22nd
[Image: 46978044_532163327299395_7818433434802770798_n.jpg][Image: 45658459_199415017670544_6799739272130721960_n.jpg][Image: 45621355_2170258736342396_5779095100531269713_n.jpg][Image: 47105449_340397363411731_2171282514262177503_n.jpg]
Nice pictures. The first two stood out.
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