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Full Version: Mazda Commercial - Haley Reinhart singing "Dreams" by The Cranberries
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Haley and Jay have posted mysterious instagram about something happening tonight on CBS.  PJ noted that the time is in the middle of an NCAA tournament game, which makes him think it might be a debut of a new commercial??

[Image: D3pK5p2U4AAR7Ie.jpg]

[Image: D3pJy3BUUAA9ezT.jpg]

[Image: D3pLeF3U4AAo77V.jpg]

The lyrics and song, "Dreams" are from the Cranberries, who Haley has famously credited for inspiring her to learn how to yodel....

Cranberries songs such as Dreams are right in Haley's wheelhouse (or one of her wheelhouses) and if she is singing it I have no doubt she will be slaying it.
Juanita saw it during the NCAA's

Quote:negro sunshine‏ @intrepid_heroin 51m51 minutes ago

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She has a song placed on a Mazda 3 commercial. Just saw it on my NCAA championship broadcast. I’d know her voice anywhere.

It just played, first commercial in the break.... Big Grin
Holy Moly! This commercial is blowing up on YouTube. 8.1 million views since Monday night! CHFIL again.  Get that single out ASAP
(04-11-2019, 04:07 PM)popfly38 Wrote: [ -> ]Holy Moly! This commercial is blowing up on YouTube. 8.1 million views since Monday night! CHFIL again.  Get that single out ASAP

Let me expand on this. I got a recommendation from youtube about 5:00 today taking me to the 30 second version of the Dream Bigger Mazda video. When I watched it there were 8.1 million views.  3 hours later and there are 9.4 million!! Oh by the way this version was posted TODAY. Not really sure what's happening but it's happening right now.
Comments on Twitter indicate Mazda is pushing it with ads. The single really needs to be out now. Apparently that's controlled by the music house. They said on FB today it would be out soon. Their guy - Austin - probably composed it in-house and is tinkering with it. The full version could turn out to be a disappointment, but I recall they were pretty happy with how the studio session went.
It's now up to 13.3 million views for the 30-second version.
Nice numbers but it doesn't really tell a full popularity story other than the comments.  Every single time I open up Youtube on my phone since I first tweeted about seeing it, the ad begins playing and is at the top of my phone.  That never happened w/ CHFIL

OTOH this is how you can manipulate a song to be more popular than it might have been had it been released conventionally...this is the power of having corporate money, influence and backing, something Haley's career hasn't experienced yet, at least not at this level.  This is a pretty big deal no doubt.  CHFIL might've hit w/ the 'feels', now we get to see a Haley project w/ the influence of corporate backing on another level, even though it's not by the music industry. 

[Image: D32GbGyUEAA4qXI.jpg]

Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk Apr 10
Hey, look what showed up when I opened up YouTube [Image: 270c-1f3fb.png]
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