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Full Version: New EP with 3 cover songs, beginning with "Bulletproof" by La Roux
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Note from Miguel:

Post with Haley's "Bulletproof" (La Roux, 2009) cover is here: http://haleyfans.com/thread-2679-post-67654.html#pid67654

Post with Haley's "It ain't over 'til it's over" (Lenny Kravitz, 1991) cover is here: http://haleyfans.com/thread-2679-post-67...l#pid67682

Quote:Haley ReinhartVerified account @HaleyReinhart 18m18 minutes ago
More This time, baby, I’ll be... #bulletproof [Image: 1f494.png][Image: 1f52b.png] #laroux


The original....one of very few dance songs I absolutely loved when it first came out, I must've watched the video a ton of times Smile

Haley's dancer friend also covered the song in 2012.... 

Haley met Bobby, I think via Mark Ballas and dancing w/ the stars, who showed up at haley's show at Room 5 in 2014 where Haley performed a song they introduced her to, "Pathetic" Cool


PJ speculated this might be used for an ad, tv show or movie as it was listed in her "synch" list on Spotify.


It's coming out tonight on itunes ect. whatever it's for.
I put up a poll for fun speculating in what form might "Bulletproof" come?
a one off single, an ad campaign, in a Netflix show or Pull a 'Beyonce' and drop a surprise album.

PJ retweeted my poll

Quote:PJ‏ @PJHaleyR 2m2 minutes ago

PJ Retweeted Tusk
Is coming out tonight on itunes ect.  whatever its for.

Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk 30s30 seconds ago
Looks like #DrewDolan played on his first @HaleyReinhart single [Image: 270c-1f3fb.png]
(#BallamGarcia on guitar)
#SomeWaySomeHow producer
#hausmusicproduction Instagram story:
[Image: D72gcOJU8AIcspP.jpg]
Look for it on iTunes tonite H/T Kristina  Cool

[Image: D72OK5CWwAUdPNX.jpg]
In a tweet conversation between Miguel and Michael Slezak, I informed Michael about Bulletproof.  Jay chimed in cryptically....

Quote:Jay MichaelsVerified account @jaymichaels13 5m5 minutes ago

Replying to @HaleysTusk @MichaelSlezakTV and 3 others
But the mystery continues on why......[Image: 1f937-1f3fb-200d-2642-fe0f.png][Image: 1f914.png][Image: 1f607.png]

Quote:Tusk‏ @HaleysTusk 4m4 minutes ago

Replying to @jaymichaels13 @MichaelSlezakTV and 3 others
to be revealed #soon? [Image: 1f914.png]

Quote:Jay MichaelsVerified account @jaymichaels13 4m4 minutes ago

Replying to @HaleysTusk @MichaelSlezakTV and 3 others
No soon lol [Image: 1f602.png]

So there appears to be a utility for the song...not just some random decision to drop it....

Haley's FB post indicates there's more to come.  

"Stream, share, & save! #Bulletproof 1 of 3"

Notice that video says it was posted by Awal Digital.

Quote:Despite many caveats, a real opportunity exists for at least some artists to earn a bigger cut of industry revenues in the next few years. Although the actual amount will vary widely, the typical label deal, including advances, sees 35 percent of revenue going to artists, according to Deutsche. But other options for artists are rapidly proliferating, including distribution-only deals, which give artists an 80 percent share of revenues. Or artists can keep a potentially greater share of their proceeds by choosing from a vast array of self-release and label services options, involving such companies as TuneCore, CDBaby, Bandcamp, and Kobalt’s AWAL.

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