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Full Version: Electronic Billboard Ad Campaign (idea)
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Started to post this in rmd's "Greatest Hits" thread, but decided it deserved its own.


I've thought it would be beneficial to have a page dedicated to highlighting Haley's best videos. And just last week I discovered it's possible to purchase ads on electronic billboards along roadways. 

Quote:Flip is an ad that displays for between six and eight (6-8) seconds on an outdoor digital billboard or digital display


So... imagine this. 

You're driving down the road and see this (and possibly a picture of Haley):

Quote:Hear America's best unknown singer


Different strategies could be tested. For example, 

- Targeting small towns (like Walmart did originally) to stretch the ad budget.

- Targeting a college campus. 

- Targeting a particular city (possibly before an actual show and include ticket info onsite)

- Targeting areas with travelers (airports, tourist destinations, etc)
[Image: D--xaGpXkAYOoza.png]

[Image: D--xcMpXkAMhfOz.png]

[Image: D--xekOWkAEGuTu.png]