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Full Version: Haley at Hotel Cafe w/ her Australian friends for a cause
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Clare Reynolds is holding a show to raise funds to help w/ the disaster in Australia, Anders will also be there as his other band, "Son of Steve", and of course, Haley and Drew will be attending.  VERY good chance they perform "Change" (will other co-writer, Rob Kleiner also be there?  He was at the Troubadour) because Haley has said the song is about saving the environment.  I know one person that will be there, not sure if they'll be able to get video

[Image: EN_UneaWAAU7zzc?format=jpg&name=small]

I have another video of "Change" from the tour (Nattick), but it's missing the first few seconds of the song, and as Haley is using our video from NYC for her channel, I'm crossing my fingers we can get Change on the channel from this show Tongue 
(although I'll wait maybe a couple months to post it out of respect for the "Change" that just got posted on Haley's channel... I've watched it over 20 times (LOVE Zephyr's bass Heart ) , I really hope Change catches on, music 'usually' goes in cycles, but for some reason, we've been stuck on hip/hop dance mix for a while now... I'm hoping for some good funk/r & b/rock type influences to start coming around...maybe spearheaded by Haley? Smile )
Haley performed DKHTLY and Yesterday w/ Anders.... Freecloud11, one of the newest THF members (supplied video for LFSTour LA & Santa Ana) got video.
[Image: EOiN4ymU8AEBH46?format=jpg&name=large]
I was afraid she forgot about it and might never post it... Smile

If you look at the OG video's screen cap above, you can see how much I had to adjust the colour for the final video