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Full Version: A New Joshua Shultz project featuring #Caley?
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.... The dress makes me think this will be for Valentines day?

[Image: EQsdssCUcAAM5Mi?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]

[Image: EQsdssRUcAAjcJ8?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]
Maybe to replace that intimate Haley/Casey BTS Extra Gum commercial of CHFIL they took down a couple years ago...

Quote:haleyreinhart Verified

The response to my cover of this classic Elvis Presley song has been overwhelming and filled with so much love. Thank you to all the sweethearts that have tagged me in their covers of my cover hah... From first dances on couples big day, to @extragum where it all began & more syncs, reality show singers, pop stars, & videos of babies falling asleep to this... Heck, even @crazyrichasians was inspired... I want to continue to show my gratitude to those who are listening. So here’s this live recording we shot yesterday. Love to you all around the world. Xoxo, #HappyValentine’sDay ♥️ Special thanks to my dear friend @caseybassy for playing piano on my version(s) of this song. As well as @joshuashultz for directing, @hausmusicproduction for recording this live take, & @elvis ? #canthelpfallinginlove #linkinbio Full version on @youtube now! X
It looks like there may be another video. Different outfit in the first picture and Casey is at a keyboard, but not the grand piano.