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Full Version: Haley streamed show at the Whiskey A Go Go October 17th
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Hiii! ? I’m excited to announce I’ll be performing LIVE at LA’s legendary venue, @thewhiskyagogo on 10.17.20!!! Best part is, no matter where you’re livin' in the world — you can tune in and STREAM it live! ? The VIRTUAL performance will premiere on 10.17 at 7:00pm PST and continue to be avail on demand through 10.19. ?Purchase your tickets/vip/merch right here: https://haleyreinhart.veeps.com & I’ll see you baby dolls again oh so soon! #linkinbio

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Going to get my ticket on the first! I want the event shirt/ticket combo!
Sweet, I'm really looking forward to this!  Not sure yet which one of the ticket packages I'll choose.  Maybe  we'll get to hear some new tunes in the show?  (Fingers crossed)  I'm guessing she's been doing a lot of writing lately.  Can't wait!
Quote:Haley Reinhart @HaleyReinhart·3h

Hey so uhhh, you guys miss live music too??? Fret no longer babes! I can’t wait to get all sweaty and tear the roof off @thewhiskyagogo 10/17! #linkinbio for tickets/vip to this virtual concert + a whole bunch of merch bundles! This is the first time I’m offering SIGNED 'Lo-Fi Soul' classic white vinyls and CD’s! You can also snag a Lo-Fi Soul T shirt as well as the special edition 'Whisky' T! Only a limited amount of each, so honey get it while ya can.
Buy tix/vip/merch here! X https://haleyreinhart.veeps.com

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Quote:Hop on the bandwagon & grab a

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for my virtual show LIVE from
Sat. 10/17!! https://haleyreinhart.veeps.com

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Event Viewing Info

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● Date: Sat, Oct 17th
● Meet N Greet: 4pm-5pm PST
● Soundcheck: 6:00pm PST
● Show Time: 7pm PST
Viewing Packages all include show tix

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Haley was just on Instagram live and said re:  the VIP Meet & Greet for this weekend’s streaming show will probably be on Zoom and she’ll be sending more information soon
Also, I might've misheard, but I think she said she'll have a "Hall of Fame" guest on the show.....
Can't wait! This is my first show! Smile

Facebook video, not photo (click on image to see short video clip Haley talking about this year's Idol).  Clip Ryan posted from our Meet and Greet.  I didn't know at the time, but it seems we were the first group and Haley had tried to get THF together.  Unfortunately, Pat, Ken and I were sent the wrong zoom password and Barb Burgess never got her email instructions so we were scrambling.

After 15 minutes of trying, I replied to my email, and was quickly given a new password which got Barb, Pat and I in (Unfortunately, Ken would have to wait for the next group)

Haley commented about my background and I told her, this was the perfect opportunity to post these up as I have so many poster sized photos of Haley from Greg that I can't put them all up, which made her laugh (I represented all her albums, from her Idol CD, Listen Up!, Better (I was wearing the T-shirt), WTS and LFS.)

It was a MUCH better experience than I expected.  I don't know how long the meeting had been going, we were supposed to start at 3:30, but Pat and I didn't get in until 3:50 and we still went on for around 20 minutes.  They put us in groups of six so it never felt crowded....over all a great time Smile

That's on top of a spectacular show w/ different camera angles, tracking cameras and good sound, fingers crossed we may get to hear/see the show in hd quality some day for sale.  I've been hinting about putting a live album out to Haley and her tour manager for some time now, since 2017, maybe this will be the opportunity?  The production was so good, it'd be a shame not to capitalize on it Smile

(Of course Robby Krieger was Haley's special guests, I thought they'd perform Light My Fire, but they performed two other Doors songs, The Crystal Ship & People are Strange)
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