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(10-11-2021, 07:42 PM)ButterandBloom Wrote: [ -> ]I’m EXTRA confused. Is the title of the song or the EP Off the Ground? And what is Rainbow? Is that a song or something else? Is the song an original or cover? If it is a cover, there are several existing songs with both titles, including an Off the Ground by Paul McCartney. But it’s a “sure bet” getting approval for that one might be a sticky situation. Chew on it. In any case, it’s getting so close to release I can taste it. I am hopeful this project will be EXTRA special, will hit the ground running. And then millions can’t help falling in love with it.

"Off the Ground" is an original song, the EP is also called "Off the Ground", just like the album "Better" has a song called "Better" on it....I'm not sure where you're getting "Rainbow" as a song title though....

Quote:“Off The Ground” by Spencer Ludwig, Lester Mendez, Haley Elizabeth Reinhart  29021728
Some folks think that artwork is the EP cover. To be fair I did too at first... lol
I am also wondering about the meaning behind the rainbow emoji used in her social media posts...

Of course I looked up "rainbows" in song lyrics/song names... "Over the Rainbow" is a beautiful hopeful song for example. Maybe Haley's song will have that same hopeful theme?

My mind also went to other possible reasons why she'd throw a rainbow in a song lyrically.

I won't go there in case I'm wrong. Don't want to look dumb. lol
OH. And she used an angel emoji too on Instagram.

Maybe the song is for a recently lost friend or family member?
OK. I'm down a damn rabbit hole now...

She said in an earlier social media message... "Have you listened to Roll The Dice yet?!"

My mind likes to overanalyze sh!t so... What if something bad happened to her recently? The song is a way of coping with a loss.

I just read the lyrics to that song and dang. It's way more emotional and depressing than I originally thought.

I'm not going to say where my brain is at almost 4 am here. I just hope I'm right and also that "Off The Ground" is a happier song.
OK, I was just playing around in my last post, but I think I left some relevant clues to this puzzle.  I could be wrong, but, if so, it would be quite a coincidence.

Why did Haley write the word EXTRA in all caps? Is there something significant to Haley regarding this word, past or present? Do a search and see if there is any connection between EXTRA and the word “rainbow”. If there really is a connection between EXTRA, rainbow, and a Haley song, then this is truly good news. I hope I am right.

Something to chew on.
I think you're putting too much into Haley's wording....  the 'extra' special thing might be in the lyrics or in it's meaning to Haley, but I know one reason why "Off the Ground" will stand out amongst Haley's original songs and it's not about the lyrics, I'm not sure it has anything to do w/ the words "Rainbow" or "Extra" though....

(10-10-2021, 02:13 PM)Tusk Wrote: [ -> ]"Off the Ground" will have an extra significance among Haley's new songs Wink
I don't know, maybe you might turn out to be right about the symbology in the graphic, the 'extra' thing I know isn't about that though...  I'm pretty excited to see the video  Wink

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk·Oct 8

YES!   Can't wait for the video for this Big Grin
I doubt it has anything to do with EXTRA gum. As cool as another ad would be.

Hmm. Maybe I'm overthinking lyrics and symbolism with the social media stuff...

IDK. I think there is something really good on the horizon that's personal to Haley!
11 days till "Off The Ground" is released!
She just posted photo shoot imagery on Instagram. Wondering if it's for the EP cover or something else???
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