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Full Version: First single release "Roll the Dice" 8/27 pre-order
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At last, some new music....not sure if it's from the EP, assume it is.

Here's a preview from the other day, 

Pre-save here:  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/haleyr...l-the-dice

[Image: E8sFINnVcAM9hGK?format=jpg&name=large]

[Image: E8sFINnVkAE107N?format=jpg&name=large]
Haley w/ a reminder of the single coming up w/ a video clip and backwards audio

Single releases tonight... I assume Haley's on her way to WI for the Oshkosh/Kenosha show...

Haley's opening her merch store, first item will be available tomorrow for "Roll the Dice"... second pic is the store portal, not open yet....

[Image: E9wSgsbXoAIH-9Y?format=jpg&name=small]

[Image: E9wTscHUUAMXqm5?format=jpg&name=large]

It's frikking gorgeous sounding, very beatlesesque from the guitar solo to the organ
One of the more unusual melodies she's done, sort of free-floating. I quite like it.
[Image: E90DVpxUYAUHxko?format=jpg&name=medium]

Quote:My photo of the amazing @HaleyReinhart from the set of her new Music Video #Rollthedice shot at @CircaLasVegas go to her page and check out the full video ?? like comment your favorite part and share please. #haleyreinhart #joshuashultz

My article for "Roll the Dice" is up:  https://haleyreinhartnews.com/2021/08/27...sic-video/
Season 6 Blake Lewis posted some Behind the Scenes photos and vids from Haley's RTD video shoot:

[Image: E95OjSWVEAMtNMw?format=jpg&name=large]
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