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YouTube is a wonderful thing. Smile I love to hang out there and listen to new music and old favorites. I like to share stuff that I like, and get turned on to stuff that others like. So I thought I'd start this thread so we could share. [Image: music-smiley-7505.gif]

First, the Adele concert from September at the Royal Albert Hall. One hour and thirty nine minutes of Adele with great video and audio quality. If you like Adele it is a must see IMO.

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance -1997- Landslide. 626 likes 1 dislike as of today. HQ. Nuff said.

Fleetwood Mac - The Dance - 1997 - Go Your Own Way. 793 likes 2 dislikes. HQ. Turn it up.

Stevie Nicks~ Edge of 17 - 1981. Back in the day. Awesome.

One more from Fleetwood Mac - Sara. Great song.

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Cover)

Sinead O'Connor & Shane MacGowan - Haunted

Bring Me Some Water Melissa Etheridge

Milissa Etheridge one of the all time Great female singers .That was refreshing Thanx.
(02-29-2012, 04:39 PM)midnightblues Wrote: [ -> ]Milissa Etheridge one of the all time Great female singers .That was refreshing Thanx.

Great singer. Rocks it out.

Fun song.

Pink does a nice cover.

Janelle Monae

I really like that Pink cover of “Me & Bobby McGee.” Haley's voice and Pink's voice are kind of similar in that they both have a natural rasp and both artists can really sing. I'd like to see Haley emulate Pink to a certain extent, as Pink has got to be one of the most successful artists over the past few years. It seems as if she always has a hit song going. Hence, since Haley can really sing too, if she doesn't have a career at least as successful as Pink's, then something isn't right.
A bit out of sync but it's the right video for the song. Rickie Lee Jones swag. This song is quite evocative for me...memories of a time and place.

Quote:"How come he don't come and p.l.p. with me down at the meter no more..." With that opening line to a hit song in 1979, singer/songwriter Chuck E. Weiss was introduced to American popular culture.
(p.l.p = "public leaning post" per RLJ according to sources)

Quote:Warner Bros. knew Jones was "the real thing" and obtained a spot for her on Saturday Night Live the week of her release. They had also filmed what came to be an early music video — a twelve-minute, three-song movie, in which Jones was depicted as kind of girl next door street character. With Time magazine dubbing her "the Duchess of Coolsville" in its review of her first show, Jones' image was solidified. Saturday Night Live portrayed her amidst garbage cans. Five months later she sold out two shows at Carnegie Hall.

If you're curious here is Chuck E.

Quote:During this period, songwriter Tom Waits was Rickie's romantic interest. The two met at the Troubadour during a three-song guest spot she had at a friend's (Ivan Ulz). Tom and Rickie were inseparable after her record came out. Waits, who had released three records by the time Rickie Lee Jones debuted, was with her as she toured Europe and America in the summer of 1979.
She went back to LA and he followed. Sometime in November 1979, Francis Ford Coppola asked Rickie Lee to collaborate with Waits on his upcoming film, One from the Heart, but she balked, citing the recent breakup. Francis responded that it would be perfect for the film, since the two characters are separated, and he asked her to reconsider. She refused. Waits called in November, but Jones did not return his call. A month later, Waits met his wife, a secretary at Zoetrope. They never spoke to each other again.

Tom Waits - Elephant Beer Blues 1976

EW.com - Music Mix by Grady Smith 3/1

"Haley Reinhart already debuted her first single “Free” live last week (the song will be officially released on March 20, and she will perform it live on Idol on March 22), but over the weekend, Ms. Reinhart served up a truly gorgeous cover of “Wild Horses” with Slash and Myles Kennedy at Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday celebration:"

"Fellow Season 10 alum Paul McDonald played a few catchy new tunes in L.A., including one called “Dollar Sign,” which took a jab at the music industry and Idol‘s management company 19 Entertainment. (“You can kiss my ass, 19.”) He also sang a duet with wife Nikki Reed."

I remember the first time I heard this song I was driving in my car with my girlfriend and it came on the radio (all seven minutes of it). We kept laughing and saying what did he just say? Ouch, that was a long time ago. This version has the lyrics (needs a spellchecker though).

TubeAddicts must have liked Jewel a little leaner and taller.

Yeah ,from her Bella Donna tour. Stevie and all her lace and elusiveness. Could Haley pull this one off? I don't think I've ever heard a cover of age of 17 Stevie does IT in her mysteriously haunting voice. I think she could but she would have to have a guitarist that could duplicate the same guitar riff and Lindsey Buckingham did keeping perfect time. And with the proper background vocals, somebody tweet that girl and asked her to do it.Tongue

Speaking of Stevie Nicks reminded me that Jimmy Iovine knew it all along and I am sure she has 100% Interscope backing:

"Once in a million years,
a lady like her rises.
'Rhiannon' you cry but she's gone,
and your life knows no answer,
and your life knows no answer."