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I am amazed how many people like to use "Undone" as a cover song. I agree with what Miguel said...
Quote:Undone remains the hidden hit. If it ever gets used in a mainstream hit movie, it will take off. Just look how popular it's become worldwide from a movie that primarily appeals to dance enthusiasts.

I wonder if Haley is aware of how many people love "Undone". Heart Smile I found myself going back tonight, and rewatching the couple live videos posted of Haley singing Undone.
I know she didn't want to sing Undone probably because there were scares that hadn't healed maybe from a former relationship IMO but there is gold in that song I think it would have done well. So would Oh MY Undone is a song that many who have ever hade a broken relationship can relate to. Its sad but the words holds much truth dynamic and powerful it's a real, well written balled.
I recall Haley introducing the song, I think at the LA party, and mentioning the movie. I had the thought that she attributes the interest in the song to the movie -- like it's a meh song that got a big boost from the publicity.

As we have discussed in the past I think the popularity of the song is that people connect with the lyrics and that Haley sang them beautifully. While many have covered the song, these covers show that it is hard to sing it well. Not like covering Sweet Home Alabama Wink. One way or another I believe this song with ultimately be well known and a favorite of many.
Haley Reinhart - Wasted Tears Chipmunk Version
Quote:Kyle Thorn ‏@realkylethorn 1h
@HaleyReinhart I love you!!!!!!! I started music because of you(: love you!!!

The tweet prior to that indicates he just turned 16.


5 hrs later:
Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 7m

@realkylethorn That's amazing, keep it up!
Honestly, if someone from The Voice sang it (well), I'd be willing to bet she'd get a lot of interest.

Not sure where this post belongs but I wanted to share the story of my dream last night. I had a dream that Haley was either opening for or performing with Carrie Underwood in a big arena concert and we were all there in the front row! And a few days ago I had a dream that My Cake was playing in a commercial on tv!!....Could these "dreams" become reality one day? Smile Smile
Well, you were thereBig Grin
I missed this on June 12th, 2012: