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Here is a 13-year-old
Haley's CREEP on a Disney's film,interesting IMO
pen drawing of @haleyreinhart, one of my favourite singers of @pmjofficial

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Only 14 years old and just a bit inspired by Haley WinkBig Grin

She gave it a go with Creep.

She's amazing! wonder what she'll sound like in a few years. To sing this version of that sing at this level!!!
BenG PianoVocals: "'Creep' (Male COVER of Haley Reinhardt Vintage Cover)"

Quote:Stumbled on Postmodern Jukebox last week. Absolutely love their ingenious arrangements! ...Here is a straight cover of their Radiohead "Creep" arrangement (didn't add any additional piano/instrumentals). Impossible to match the vocals of American Idol Finalist Haley Reinhardt (check her out!), but I had fun with it. I don't consider my belt/melismatic side to be nearly my strongest style (check out "Someone to Watch Over Me," "When You Wish Upon a Star," or some of my softer jazz piano/vocal recordings!), but gave it a go at times anyway. Honest feedback in the written comments is especially appreciated Smile

I just received the birthday present that I bought to give Harry Reinhart on his birthday and there is a very heart-warming note attached from the artist:

"Thanks so much for buying my portrait of Haley. She made an impression on me not only with that incredible voice - but with how her spirit shone through all the bull (she went through on A.I.) Her sincerity is inspirational. I saw you are from IN- then I checked her birth place is Wheeling! I am thrilled to be sending the painting to Wheeling, IN !!!"
[Image: Haley%20Painting_0002_zpsqwynpfjx.jpg]

(When I bought it on ebay I added a comment that it was going to her dad but he must not have seen it and he thinks Wheeling is in IN not IL but fortunately the shipping label said IL.)

Oh...I guess "Jo Pendola" would be a female name right?
That's a great portrait. It portrays Haley more lifelike than others I've seen.
2009 or so: [Image: Nedn%27Jo.jpg]
Quote:Upon graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in 1985, I moved to New York City and (slowly) became an editorial illustrator. After many years of book covers and magazine illustrations, I began painting. No longer inspired by a written narrative, but an internal one, my work has been on display over the years in varying venues throughout NYC.
I love to exhibit my paintings in neighborhood settings (cafes, diners, bars) where the art seems closest to its' source. My biggest inspiration to paint (besides dusk) is in anticipation of the viewer's response.
I have since moved to Rhode Island where the town of Westerly has inspired to work on a series of paintings with Westerly as my subject matter.

I think this is Jo's Haley FB fan page:

[Image: 12142194_689449417823427_2035614205_n.jpg]

3 years ago today I decided to start a YouTube channel to post any videos of @haleyreinhart I might record. .

I had seen Haley and had video of her performances at her "Listen Up!" debut at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood and at #lollapalooza in Chicago. In order to post for #Haliens to see the video, I sent them to Miguel at haleyfans.com to post on his channel.
The process of transferring large files, uploading then filling in the descriptions eventually became time consuming, I felt I was imposing to have someone else do the work of posting my videos.
On October 8, 2012 I got the opportunity to see #haleyreinhart with @irvinmayfieldjr #NOJO #carnegiehall. So inspired was I by the musicianship I decided to make a video, Haley performing "God Bless the Child". This would be the first @haleyreinhart video I would upload to my new YouTube Channel dedicated to Haley.
I had no idea when I started the channel that 3 years later I would have so many memories captured in video, 2 million plus views and 9.5 thousand subscribers (300+ videos). Thanks to "Team HaleyFans" all who've contributed video, audio and photos for me to edit.
Of course the biggest Thank You goes to @haleyreinhart, such a talent, one in a generation voice and a sweetheart. What a rideCool
Seems like it was more appropriate for me to put this here.

So, I've waited 3 years for Michelle Chamuel and Haley Reinhart to do a cover of the same song (and I even had almost ten years of material for the both of them..) and with Haley's "Can't Help Falling In Love" cover, I finally got it.

So of course I had to make a mashup. I used Haley's arrangement, as I could get closer to an accappella with Michelle's. I tried going for the record playing/vintage sound, which I think came out well. (For anyone that does this, the telephone setting on equalizer, and record pops recording from youtube worked well..). I also had to take Haley's arrangement down a half a step, and slow down Michelle's version. (It just fit better..) if Haley sounds a little different to you guys.

The intention of the video goes a little deeper for me too. I was originally going to make a "Love is Love" video, because I had thought.."wouldn't it have been cool if the gum commercial had featured a non traditional couple..whether it be gay, or interracial - or just not white" (I mean, it's a great commercial..but it would have been even more incredible, IMO.) But I didn't quite now how to do that properly without it turning into a fan video.

So instead, I turned to probably my biggest passion, Animal Advocacy. I think the song..and the compilation, works well with my message. So I hope people enjoy.