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The end includes this singer performing the song for a 1st dance at a wedding a week ago.

Never thought I would see a line dance to "Show Me Your Moves."

MIT2015 = Madness in Tawain

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Quote:The newspaper China Youth Daily estimated that over 100 million Chinese people do it. The magazine The World of Chinese called the tensions surrounding this activity, performed mostly by women between the ages of 40 and 65, a "national issue." And it provoked news outlet Ifeng to conclude, "Old people haven’t gone bad, it’s bad people who have gotten old."

The nefarious act in question is outdoor line dancing, in which pop or traditional Chinese tunes are blasted in public areas, often in the morning or the evening, as dozens of geriatrics move in unison to the beat.

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"Can't Help Falling in Love" used in video commemorating the birth of a child:

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Lord, worlds collide. My two favorite Haleys, HR and Hayley Atwell, star of "Agent Carter" combined in one clip.

I highly recommend this show because it is very well done, Hayley is a kickass star, and the show's film noir take of the 1940s is terrific, from the fashion, the styles, the talking to the music. The Rotten Tomatoes score for the first season was an amazing 95%.

Last year's Season One was in New York area, and now it moves to Hollywood in the late 40s for Season Two. Should be a lot of fun. I believe the new season starts in mid January.
Quote:Jennica Shea Hogg
55 mins ·

Some fanart of regular front-lady Haley Reinhart of the Postmodern Jukebox group.

Also possibly a real-life incarnation of Jessica Rabbit. Seriously, that dress. DAYUM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB6HY8r983c

This could go in the CHFIL thread, but it seems to fit better here.

KPC News: Facebook viewers ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’
By Jennifer Decker

Quote:BRUSHY PRAIRIE — Two Prairie Heights High School graduates have made a music video that’s gone viral and are hoping it will catch the attention of Ellen DeGeneres.

Shelbie Asher and Caleb Carr, cousins, made a video singing the Elvis Presley classic, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” As of Wednesday, 1.4 million Facebook viewers showed their love in watching the video.
“It was random and a gum commercial Haley Reinhart sang. I was practicing around our apartment and I recorded it with Shelbie,” Carr said about choosing the song made famous by the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

Quote:Shelbie Asher in Angola, Indiana.
November 23 at 5:47pm ·

"I Can't Help Falling in Love"

Ellen DeGeneres we have now hit over 1,000,000 views and we would love to chat with you about why art education (specifically theatre and music) is so vital in many adolescents' lives! For many, these classes are the only thing keeping them at school in the first place. It is time these classes are recognized as equally as important as "core" classes. We are all special. We are all smart in multiple different ways, some music, some numbers, some nature, and the list goes on. Much love to everyone for the support and remember to do what you love and do not let anyone make you feel like what you excel at is any less important than something else. Caleb Carr and I speak for thousands of people when we say that we have discovered meaning through those art classes.

Hey Pretty Haley
Quote:Haley Reinhart, no doubt!

Emily and Billy

This guy could use a few more cymbals
Quote:This was taken from the version Haley Reinhart sang (PMJ) Hope you enjoy!!

Quote:Jan 22, 2016

Aurora singer, songwriter named winner in U.K. competition

Winning an international songwriting contest with the release of her first single has fueled Lauren Haze’s fire.

The 22-year-old Dr. G.W. Williams graduate didn’t expect much when she submitted her first released original song, I Won’t Make You Stay.

She had not placed in two previous contests, but when she found out she won the singer-songwriter category and was a finalist in the adult contemporary category this time around, she was overcome with emotion.

“You hear a lot of ‘nos’ in this industry,” she said. “But to finally hear a ‘yes’, it made me feel like I am definitely doing what I am supposed to be doing.”

The UK Songwriting Contest is considered one of the world’s longest running international songwriting events. It was launched in London in 2002 with a number of partners, including top British producers and industry professionals, to discover and encourage new songwriting talent and to promote the craft.

The contest, judged by big names in the business — including Shelly Peiken, Stuart Epps, Richard Niles, Lucie Diamond, Mark Cawley and Simon Ellis — has attracted over 70,000 song entries since its inception.

“I have always had this love for melody and rhythm even before lyrics,” the Haze says. “When my parents asked me a question, I would often sing back the answer.”

But at the time, her deep raspy voice sounded nothing like the pop artists to whom she and her friends listened, so she refrained from singing in public or joining the school choir.

Being insecure about her ability, she would indulge with a few close friends during lunch hour in the stairwells at school, but whenever someone walking by would stop to listen, she stopped singing for fear of what they would think.

All of that changed when she trained with Toronto vocal coach Ryan Luchuck and after a Toronto performance of House of the Rising Sun.

“I had been singing without music for so long I was afraid I couldn’t keep time with the music,” she said. “But Ryan said I could do it and the reaction was so amazing I wanted more.”


You can listen to "I won't make you stay" here: