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"I first fell in love with this song, and I wanted to cover it when I heard the Haley Reinhart cover. Enjoy!"

She's covered "My Cake," "Creep," BATJ and HTRJ in the past.
Quote:Tamra Scott-Hunt

Listening to my daughter sing Haley Reinhart's rendition of 'I Can't Help Falling in Love With You' behind the closed door of her bedroom. She has no way of knowing that this was one of her late Grandma Marianne's most favorite songs. Wish she could be here to hear her granddaughter singing so beautifully.
Hula hooping to Haley's PMJ rendition of BHS:

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Now there's some serious Hula hooping Smile
Image of the completed wood-burning art of Haley by design-by-fire:


And an image of a picture created by ArtByJessReef:


The links above show both artists meeting Haley, individually, at the Boston show.

Quote:A veteran and a newcomer were the winners in the second round of preliminary competitions at the annual Miss Mississippi Pageant Thursday night.

Miss Amory Molly May and Miss Historic Crossroads Asya Branch joined Wednesday night’s preliminary winners in a lineup of 44 women who head into the final preliminaries Friday. A winner is to be crowned Saturday.

May, who is from Houston, won a $500 scholarship for her vocal performance of “House of the Rising Sun.”

“I feel overjoyed and ecstatic and a little unbelievable,” May said after being named the preliminary winner in talent.

“I chose this song, just because I wanted to sing it. I know that sounds kind of simple and not very exciting, but I just wanted to,” she said. “The song tells a story, and I like songs that tell stories.”

Haley Reinhart on Season 10 of American Idol first performed May’s rendition of “House of the Rising Sun.”

“As soon as I heard her sing that, I said ‘I have to sing that sometime in my life.’ So when the opportunity arose, I said ‘that’s the only song I want to sing,’ and that was it and the rest is history.”
That's a very cool story. I did not know there was a city called Houston (pop. 3,623) in Mississippi.


Always a pleasure, Boston! So much talent in the crowd too.. This man did free sketches of the whole band while he was watchin!Thank you for sharing your gift, Aleksey Nelipa. #bettertour #boston #takeahitofinspiration #fanart #freeart #flow


From the comments:

Aleksey is a very talented dude! He goes to shows all over Boston to sketch performers without any charge. It's like a badge of honor to get one of his sketches! :-)

Oh, he gave her another sketch too:


Can't believe there's only 2 shows left of my headlining U.S. tour!!! Come through #bayshore & #asburypark #leanback #groove #freeart #bettertour ? by: Aleksey Nelipa

[Image: 13473257_1554126264891153_568346238_n.jpg]

[Image: 13473208_626350414183197_1776737748_n.jpg]

Willy Ray (Ray Moore) posted his too....

[Image: 13534485_985703524876823_898883949_n.jpg]

and Notto posted his yesterday....

[Image: 13422976_1709923345925374_786350223_n.jpg]

waiting for Jacob and Thomas to post theirs Wink