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I found this post on the YouTube mix of Haley & Christina Grimmie singing "Get Yourself Together" that Haley gave to Christina that's on her EP With Love.
Quote:Haley was my fav on American Idol season 10 and Christina was my fav on The Voice season 6 and I heard this song on Christina's YouTube and it always sounded like a Haley Reinhart song to me so I searched up "Get Yourself Together Haley Reinhart" and I saw it was an unreleased song on Haley's album and was put on Christina's album then I fell upon this and I love it!!! Their voices are both amazing and the editing is amazing!! LOVE THIS OMGGG

I think she sounds a little like a young Christina and you can see Christina & Haley have inspired her to pursue singing. Touching considering everything.

Quote:SHi Aycocho Bianca HAHAHAHA EPIC HAHAH



Pretty funny to many in the Philippines.

Quote:Omar Valdez Derrada anong title ng music
Auto translation: What is the title of the music

+Kim M. Illut Cant help falling in love
34 mins
Quote:Areej 〽️ ➰69 ‏@Areejah4

Gosh!! I remember when I hard the song which called Free by Haley Reinhart I decided to let go of something that used to hurt me!
10:26 PM - 24 Jul 2016

From Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Quote:Schuylkill’s Got Talent replaced the annual Schuylkill Idol competition, offering a platform for local talent to shine. Elaine Maneval, mall manager, welcomed guests and judges and introduced each performer.

...(Jacqueline) Bubnis, a Shenandoah 13-year-old, received a round of applause and opened the night’s entertainment, singing Haley Reinhart’s “Creep.”


Frackville is a borough in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Population: 3,759

[Image: 250px-Frackville_Lehigh_Avenue_PA1.jpg]

^Definitely the first I''ve seen. The band did one of Haley's cover's too.

Wedding proposal with CHFIL soundtrack

A promo video from a dance studio
"Jerry and Kim chose their first dance song, "Can't help falling in love with you" by Haley Reinhart. They wanted to make it very romantic and sweet, yet entertaining. The guests were shocked by their performance and the entire stage setting. Jerry commented that it was the most amazing experience on the wedding. The dream came true."

First Dance preparation and testimony by Jerry and Kim
Groom plays instrumental version of CHFIL for his bride, and then the couple performs their first dance to Haley's version:

Recent cover of "Undone."

Quote:Published on Aug 8, 2016

Hey, I'm Christina and am 17 years old! This was taken at the Sutton Fair and Horse Show in Georgina, Ontario. This is for the Georgina Idol competition, in which it placed first. Hope you like it!

Quote:Daniel Orozco II shared Postmodern Jukebox's video ("Oops...") 9 mins

This girl makes me wanna wear a three piece suit, feather top hat, carry a tommy gun, a silver plated handgun with my initials engraved, and smoke stogies, and become the "king of NY" and be known as the biggest mobster in the world.