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H/T Avelene

[Image: 17662572_1369952489737381_2640782073832407040_n.jpg]

Obviously had to make my fave @haleyreinhart. Who should I make next? ?

I rarely sing English songs, because this is how far I can go. I'm quite bad at it, because I'm too-focusing on how to pronounce words accurately. I feel like I sing Chinese and Thai songs better than English songs.

Anyway, here is me covering Can't Help Falling in Love by Haley Reinhart

Quote:I can't help falling in love with you - rearranged by Haley Reinhart. My cello cover. Sorry the quality isn't that great--- I don't have recording hardware, only my ancient laptop.

CHFIL is a song that will continue to have a degree of popularity for years to come. Kind of like a Christmas classic that always comes back around.
Yup...with CHFIL and Creep, Haley has a very strong base to help increase exposure to her voice so more people can have their WTF moment Big Grin
Quote:Miguel‏ @HaleyFansDotCom

Impressive fan art. "graphictuka My drawing By pen @haleyreinhart" https://www.instagram.com/p/BT6ilBtlIbP/

Also, another ice skater using "Creep:"


@liadan.ice.skater's Intermediate Dramatic to a cover of Creep by Postmodern Jukebox featuring Haley Reinhart

Love is Worth Fighting For - acapella
1965 Ford Thunderbird V8 Convertible with @HaleyReinhart paint job by guy who hopes Haley will christian his club. http://haleys-mansion.com/

The finished product. It appears he acquired the car just 3 weeks ago.


Quote:It all started as a dream….. I bought two fantastic Penthouses in The Hague Scheveningen at the seafront for setting up my own business as Bed & Breakfast and loungeclub.

Next year, in June 2018, the famous Volvo Ocean Race 2018 Sailing event will finish in Scheveningen. My Penthouses, “Da-Mansion” will be hotspot location. What if a great artist, with a fantastic voice and sound, when the boats arrive after a tough and rough sailing battle, would perform at the rooftop with a white piano and orchestra, live broadcasted around the world. …..that would be awesome!

So who? I don’t even know how I got to know Haley Reinhart, but I do know that she is great. I want her to ask to perform at the rooftop!

[Image: DAycRSvVYAA-PQW.jpg]

What did we do ? I borrowed money from a friend of mine (thanks Peter!) we bough a 1965 Ford Thunderbird V8 Convertible and repainted and reworked the car in a week…..And what is so cool: a very special paint have been used: thermopaint!

Now hopefully Hailey Reinhart will like this car and come to Scheveningen…

Fingers crossed!

[Image: DAyeSeYU0AA7e_X.jpg]
Keep Coming Back - Haley Reinhart (cover)
Jenny Morgan