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^ very nice video...they put some serious work into that production. This slow and steady pace in the process of Haley Reinhart Superstar is just fine. Talent...captivating, mesmerizing voice...unique and beautiful, all being discovered like a flower unfolding its beauty on its own timetable for all to behold. Heart

^ Who are you and what have you done with Buzz?

It may be the song, or it may be all the cute folks, or it may be that I always wanted to join a scooter club; whatever it is, I adore this video. And what about that Fred? What a maniac, drinkin' Black Lemonade at the Roadhouse with the wild ones... Heart Smile Heart

(08-02-2012, 12:32 PM)LovinDaHaley Wrote: [ -> ]
^ Who are you and what have you done with Buzz?

We haVe BuZz...pUt 2.8 miLlion in A broWn papeR bAg, and geT us a lunCh with Haley Reinhart...or yOu won't sEe Buzz aGain!

Just a reminder, according to Tusk...don't forget to check your "kilter", it might be off. We checked Buzz and he's definitely a half a bubble off! Tongue

P.S. Loved the vids.

To Miguel: I like those videos too, thanks M.

To 'Tuesday' from the instructional Dutch hair braiding video: Heb je een video voor het vlechten van okselhaar?

To the Masses: Now, no doubt some of y'all goon be hatin' on this next video posting; C'est la vie, the fact that Haley is being included with such famous women is a very good thing (even the video is by just a wannabe "National Enquirer" YouTube channel... we'll take meer 170 subscribers and 650,233 views).

Hollywood's Windy Moments - Skirts Flying High (HollywoodOnDemand)

To Buzz's Kidnappers: We have your 2.8 million, but it’s unanimous, we won't allow our Haley to have lunch with kidnappers.

Please give this card to the Buzz...

[Image: friends.jpg]

(08-08-2012, 01:32 AM)Miguel Wrote: [ -> ]

Luv the Rob and Kristen video, perfect song with the pictures!

Luv the Buzz card too!
(08-08-2012, 11:27 AM)Babbs234 Wrote: [ -> ]Luv the Buzz card too!

I tweeted it last night and included their names, and his twitter account name, hoping their fans would pick it up. No luck. I'll tweet it again now. The first time was in the middle of the night.

^ Great Idea M. Every Halien who tweets should be tweeting this [Image: kilroy.gif]
^ Buzz wants us to relay the message that he is deeply touched by the thoughts and wishes expressed in the beautiful LovinDa card.

He stated that instead of cuddly kittens, he sees the relationship more like Buzz is the bike and LovinDa is the bike rack...of course Buzz has been tied up for the last 48 hours.

Ok on the 2.8 million, but Haley has to deliver the money!

The Kidnappers [Image: character0079.gif]

^ Dear Kidnappers, It will be a shame for the Buzz to leave this world with a flat tire; but it's been decided, go ahead and shoot him.