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Music video for "Free" created by Tarek Abu Youssef. It appears he
spliced together sample clips from Getty Images to make it.

^ nice find Miguel...one of the best amateur videos we've seen for a Haley song.
1/2 off topic, but have any of you ever tried to sell/lincense use of pictures you have taken via places like Getty ?

I don't fancy myself a professional caliber but I get a good one now and then.
I associate Getty with professional photographers. But a quick search shows in 2008 there was some tie offered between Flickr and Getty. Outside of Getty, search for "microstock" photography to find sites that let you post images for sale for a set fee (no royalties).
Side show of a dance team set to Haley's version to Bennie and the Jets:

A rather pleasant slide show from family getaway set to "Let's Run Away":

A slideshow of an extended family's summer vacation set to "Let's Run Away." Not quite the romantic getaway portrayed by the song, but some cute shots of kids.

LOL somebody owes someone a pepsi
Ya... lol... I'll take the Pepsi, beat him by a minute... but please delete my post M, yours has a better caption Big Grin
This 'Undone' cover has over 10,000 views now...and a leftie: