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RE: Meet the spambots - Tusk - 06-18-2013

Have you had any more thoughts about posting a registration thread to let people know of a registration period, who might want to register? I've been periodically contacted @IDF about it, although those that do seem to not post anyway Tongue .

RE: Meet the spambots - Miguel - 08-19-2013

The spambots had been practically non-existent since I updated the forum software. But they've been back in force over the last three days. I don't know what changed, but I suspect an upgrade to the software they use.

RE: Meet the spambots - My Alter Ego - 09-04-2013

Miguel, I've noticed an uptick of memberships in the last couple of days; I've seen four different names as the newest member today. Are they real? And, if so, do you think it's related to the weekend's activities that spurred the interest?

RE: Meet the spambots - john - 09-05-2013

Welcome new spambot BLACK DICE ブラックダイス 財布 コピー. Catching up on the April West Texas explosion news?

RE: Meet the spambots - Haleylvr4evr - 10-16-2013

I noticed many spam accounts have been registering today. Maybe close registration again for a few days to stop them?