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Sympathy for Pennylane - Himm2 - 11-25-2013

Dear Penny,
I know what you've been going thru this past week keeping tabs on your Dad. I'm so, so sorry to hear he passed away today. Please message me the wake info. Take Care my friend...he had a full life.

RE: Sympathy for Pennylane - Tusk - 11-25-2013


RE: Sympathy for Pennylane - Haleylvr4evr - 11-25-2013

Sorry for your loss, Penny Heart

RE: Sympathy for Pennylane - Babbs234 - 11-25-2013

Penny, Im so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend.

RE: Sympathy for Pennylane - midnightblues - 11-26-2013

I do understand your loss. Both my parents passed on.

RE: Sympathy for Pennylane - cherelann - 11-26-2013

My sincerest sympathy, Penny. Just remember that your father will live forever in your heart...Heart

RE: Sympathy for Pennylane - buzzenator - 11-26-2013

I'm sorry for your loss Penny. I hope you will be encouraged in the days ahead by the outpouring of love and remembrance from all your relatives and friends, who cared so deeply for him. Heart

RE: Sympathy for Pennylane - lovinghaleyr - 11-26-2013

My sincere condolences Penny for your loss Heart

RE: Sympathy for Pennylane - Himm2 - 11-27-2013

I learned much about Patti's friend and my new best friend Penny while attending the service for her dad: Edwin "Sid" BROWN and I dedicate this song to her parents that raised Penny, the former Miss Brown: