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RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - Miguel - 10-20-2016

Quote:Tony Capasso listening to Haley Reinhart.
16 mins · Humble ·

Holy shit. I blew it.

He links to Haley's FB page. There are other links to SMYM and Haley's album, but I think that's just how her page is presented when linked.

Not clear on the connection to Haley.

His FB biography shows in 2000 he graduated from a high school about five miles from where I attended HS in Houston, TX. He then worked as an electrician in the Houston area. He then became Maintenance & Kitchen Manager at a bar and grill in Los Angeles that has live music seven nights a week. http://www.ladowntowner.com/redwood-bar-grill/

He is now "Co Owner at Critical Condition Recordings." They describe themselves as, "Drum and Bass Duo originally from Houston TX" - Tony Capasso, Justin Murphy

Maybe he had a chance to drum on the tour?

He posted that half an hour ago and it's received three likes.

And this response:
Quote:Shannon Demny
She's awesome!! I heard her perform live with the Post Modern Jukebox group!! She's something special

RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - Tusk - 10-20-2016

[Image: 14590895_672089442957402_2923941884608905216_n.jpg]

He's a bad mother...
We're just talking about Jerry!
It was an honor to showcase for the legendary Jerry Greenberg and other industry greats last night on the @worldartsmusic stage. #funk #soul #groove #unsigned #emergingartist #losangeles #livemusic

Haley HAD to have gone with, you think? Tongue
Curious if they were the only ones given the opportunity that day, or if they were one of a few? Probably the latter.... hopefully something turns up that might show whether Haley was there, if she got to any kind of introduction to Greenberg? Whether Jerry and co. are aware of her or heard of her?

Likely, Haley kept on the down low, give Drew and his band their day to shine in this opportunity, but that they got a photo w/ Jerry means that there was probably some kind of get together or after audition discussions

He's a bad mother...

Lyrics famously from the "Blaxploitation" movie, Shaft, written by the Late Issac Hayes, who famously voiced the character "Chef" on the show South Park...

I looked it up because I thought, maybe, A&R produced the song, but "Stax Records" did, according to Wiki.....

The music does fit The Proof's vibe, swampy and funky, so maybe that's why they thought to quote the movie...maybe Jerry referenced it to them as what their sound reminded him of? (speculation).... also, I'm fairly sure, though I don't remember when, Haley saying, or singing that Iconic line from the song, Shaft, "SHUT YO MOUTH" Tongue

RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - john - 10-20-2016

[Image: CvLIF-gUAAA2lMt.jpg:small]
Quote:WorldArts ‏@WorldArtsMusic 20h20 hours ago
#TheProof. Killing it in front of our A&R panel! #WorldArts

World Arts
A place where artists can apply for exclusive opportunities

Play live
Win Recording Studio Time
Reward your fans with VIP experiences
Perform in front of legendary A&R Executives
Get gigs across the country
Discover & support emerging artists

FB: https://www.facebook.com/WorldArtsMusic/
Quote:WorldArts Music added 57 new photos to the album: WorldArts A&R Night With Jerry Greenberg.
1 hr ·
WorldArts hosted its first A&R Night on October 19th. This exclusive night featured 3 lucky artists, ZØYA, MRKTS, and The Proof. playing for A&R executives from different labels!

Pay to play?

RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - Tusk - 10-20-2016

hopefully not.... 'pay for play' reminds me of those 'modeling' agencies who offer 'opportunities' for a small fee and pay for courses to 'get you ready'.... Tongue

Hopefully Greenberg offers more than just his name to the company, the photos of the night, he's on stage talking so it looks like he's more than just a figurehead. The few pictures of who was watching seemed pretty sparse, definitely don't see Haley in any of those Tongue

Hey you gotta starts somewhere and catch the breaks that present themselves....

RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - Tusk - 10-27-2016

[Image: 14624855_1135419466540849_3367619105866645504_n.jpg]

Tune into The Late Show with Stephen Colbert TONIGHT and catch @therecordcompany throw down some dirty rock n roll. #therecordcompany #colbert #edsullivantheater

A musician in his own rights, Joel was one of Haley's tour managers for her tour. In San Diego, Haley introduced him to me and in Chicago, he helped me get a pass and also did some work on the sound board during the show

RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - Tusk - 10-27-2016

Quote:PJ ‏@PJHaleyR 57m57 minutes ago
spot Haley in the audience -----> The Proof. - Company | Sofar Los Angeles

RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - Miguel - 10-27-2016

That wasn't too difficult. Was that Anders sitting a couple of spots over from her?

RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - Tusk - 10-27-2016

It is Cool

RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - Miguel - 11-06-2016

The Palmer Squares - friends of Haley since high school (or earlier?) - are about to go on their first big tour.


hilarious motherly fashion, my mom bought us a limo ride to the airport cuz she wants us to "feel like rock stars" heading into our national tour...completely unnecessary, but thank you mommy. #TheCookoutChroniclesTour

Biggest limo that I've ever seen:


RE: Connections -- Haley's Musical Buddies - Miguel - 11-07-2016


Gettin groovy writing in the legendary Studio 3 at @eastweststudios with @rob_kleiner & @fancyhagoodofficial ... Where The Beach Boys, The Mama's & The Papa's, America, Blondie, Donna Summers, Stevie Knicks, Dolly Parton, The Stones, & SO many more have recorded!!! ?? #goodvibrations #godonlyknows #californiadreamin


Quote:Jake Hagood, known as Who Is Fancy, co-signed with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta on Big Machine and Dr. Luke on Prescription Songs.

His single "Goodbye" was released in early 2015, peaking at number 29 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart. Fancy was presented at the iHeartMedia Music Summit, although his identity was kept secret.

...Beginning in January 2015, Hagood, his management team, and his record label built a viral campaign around the singer and his debut single "Goodbye". The single was released without revealing the person behind the "Fancy" pseudonym. A series of pseudo-music videos and a lyric-only clip were viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube, and with early radio support from stations like New York’s Z100, the song reached number 29 on Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart,[6] number 48 on the Billboard Digital Songs chart,[8] and number 98 on the Billboard Hot 100.[9] Three music videos for the single were released, featuring three different actors lip-syncing to the song. Each video dealt with themes like gender identity and body positivity.[10]A fourth music video featuring the performer himself in the same setting was filmed but never released.

[The most-viewed video:]

In an interview with USA Today, Hagood said that one motivation behind the campaign was for people to "know [his] art before they knew [him]".[12] However, the concept was met with a mixed response from some of Hagood's friends, including pop singer Meghan Trainor, who says she was vocally against it from the start. “I felt like you’re hiding this guy,” she told The Canadian Press. “What I loved about (Who is Fancy) was his appearance. He’s this bubbly, happy person … he has the confidence, he has everything, and they just — I don’t like what they did.”

Hagood finally revealed his identity on April 7, 2015 with an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

To promote his second single "Boys like You", Who Is Fancy performed with collaborators Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande on Dancing with the Stars on November 23, 2015.

After "Boys Like You" failed to perform on the charts Hagood parted ways with manager Braun and Republic, he said in an interview with The Canadian Press. He hopes to relaunch his career in summer 2016.[11]

Hagood reflected on his experience with a major label, and how they softed his gay persona: “It was everyone wanting to see me win, and they were like, ‘Well, maybe you can’t win if you’re this (type of person),'” he says. “But maybe I could, you know what I mean?”


They had Meghan Trainor, Kacey Musgraves and Tori Kelly tweet endorsements of his debut single. And recorded four videos of the song. But apparently were quick to part ways with him when the second song didn't do well.

December 2015:
Quote:What are your upcoming projects? Is an EP or a full-length debut album in the works?

All of the above!!!!!!! My ep comes out early next year and I'm starting to wrap up my full album! I'm very excited about what is happening musically!!!

What are your expectations for 2016?

I'm aiming for world domination in 2016! A full fancy take over!


imo, his strength seems to lie in songwriting.