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American Idol 2015 - Miguel - 12-28-2014

Quote: Riley Bria @Riley_Bria · 6h

I definitely have a crush on @HaleyReinhart hi.

Quote:Savion Wright ‏@SavionJWright 6h

@Riley_Bria @HaleyReinhart SHE IS A GEM! One in a million. I love her

Quote:Avelene❁ ‏@IHARTHALEYDAILY 6h

Nice to know that a contestant on Idol this season has a crush on Haley. Haha.

Quote:Riley Bria ‏@Riley_Bria 6h

“@IHARTHALEYDAILY: Nice to know that a contestant on Idol this season has a crush on Haley. Haha.”



Quote:Riley Bria considers country singer Keith Urban one of his favorite artists. Now he’s one of the few who can say that he shared a stage with the superstar. Monday, Bria, a 16-year-old Lampeter-Strasburg High sophomore, along with six other young musicians, were chosen to perform with Urban at the American Country Awards in Las Vegas.

“There’s the 8,000 people in the stadium, and then you also know there’s between six and eight million people watching it at home and that’s kind of nerve-wracking,” Bria said. “And you’re like, ‘Wow, I’m playing for Carrie Underwood right now,’ that’s pretty crazy.”

But Bria, already a seasoned performer with his own country-rock band Levi Road, handled it like a pro.

“Once we’re up there, it’s like, alright! Let’s kick some butt, and so we just played our hearts out and we left it all out there and it was pretty cool,” he said.

It all started with a guitar Bria bought when he was seven. Now about a decade later, he’s come a long way, playing the guitar with his idol.

“Watching him with Keith Urban, standing next to someone who he idolizes was unbelievable,” said Daria Bria, Riley’s mother. “I was so, so happy for him.”

Bria was chosen for the performance after going to a Grammy Foundation music camp in the summer.

“It was like one of the best musical experiences I’ve ever had. Other than you know, playing with Keith Urban and everything,” Bria said.


Quote:Urban knew Bria's name.

"And, when I jumped over the speaker, he said he was back there and yelled, 'Yeah, Riley!'"

...His mother, Daria, said that perhaps his movement around stage and over the speaker had to do with him not having to sing at a microphone as he normally does with his band, Levi Road.


American Idol 2015 - john - 01-04-2015

Found this teaser at the bottom of a brief article about Casey's PMJ video and his work with Haley.

Quote:American Idol is kicking off a new season on January 7. In an unprecedented move, Idol released an ensemble video of the new season’s top 24, before the opening auditions have even aired. The video is somewhat of a tease since the contestant’s faces are in shadow and only their voices are heard. It provides fans of Idol with fodder to weigh in early on the strength of this year’s candidate pool.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1723756/american-idol-alum-casey-abrams-brings-a-jazzy-take-to-a-pop-hit-video/#rSYpvy383zwW2oEp.99

Couldn't resist the link at the bottom that should serve as reminder that everyone needs to keep the competitive aspect of the show in perspective. Wink (If anyone cares anymore.)
Quote:Lovers Stab Each Other Over ‘American Idol’ Winner
[Image: American-Idol-Stabbing1.jpg]
It’s unclear what kind of knife was used, and which contestant on American Idol each was rooting for. The season finale showed Candice Glover battling it out with Kree Harrison, with Glover taking the Idol throne, leaving Harrison as this season’s runner up.
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/674235/lovers-stab-each-other-over-american-idol-winner/#OAe7famBEiWu78vW.99

The real power behind American Idol (although I guess these girls were fans of David Archuleta):

The judges for Season XIV
[Image: american-idol-season-14.jpg]

RE: American Idol 2015 - Miguel - 01-04-2015

Quote:Connor Beardmore ‏@CBeardmore48 13m

American Idol returns in 3 days, because 2015 was going too well so far.

Quote:DMLaBadie ‏@dmlabadie 14m

God help us all! American Idol is coming back #JustSayNo

Quote:Becca Guajardo ‏@b3_cc4 14m

Can American Idol plz stop, I'm about to graduate college for gods sake. This has gone on for too long!

Quote:Joshua Rinder ‏@jrinder 15m

Oh good, American Idol is coming back on. - says someone circa the year 2006.

Quote:Mike ‏@NunnBetta 16m

Hey FOX Network, despite your commercials trying to convince me otherwise, no one is excited for American Idol. It's not 2005 anymore.

Quote:gangstalicious ‏@kumartmebro 17m

Cowboys won a playoff game and American Idol still exists. Wow today has been surprising.

RE: American Idol 2015 - john - 01-12-2015

RE: American Idol 2015 - mercfan3 - 01-12-2015

I missed that last season with The Voice. Would have been hilarious to watch poor Slezak deal with the lack of women.

RE: American Idol 2015 - buzzenator - 01-13-2015

Still not watching...already found the one! CoolCool

RE: American Idol 2015 - Tom22 - 01-13-2015

They really like to bag on JLo don't they .... I kind of like her ... didn't like what she did to Haley but there was so much dirtyness going on there ... I don't want to relive the particulars and I'm not one to hold a grudge..

I Enjoy the reality checks but tend to disagree with what Michael and Melinda like about 70% of the time for Michael and about 55% for Melinda.. i almost never like their very very favorites.

As for the season so far I really enjoyed the first couple episodes.

I like these musical variety shows and the banter between judges and ryan interviewing people and stuff and there is a really fun fariy tale saga that they let unfold over the season in a reality TV way.

Idol is special like that as we get to know some young people on the journey of their lives and hopefully they give them all good opporutnities to shine (that's one part where they've sometimes failed.. and sometimes it wasn't an accident but purposely tripping them up and giving us crappy music to listen to in the process)

Keith is fun to listen to.. I like JLO.. Harry Connick can get to me sometimes and makes me laugh other times.. .they need a clown so I'm glad to have him clowning around.. it gets too stilted if they're serious more than half the words they say.

I've got no expecation for finding another singer I'd like but wouldn't feel it's cheeting on one singer to like another at all. I'm still loving Lake Street Dive and Rachels voice in it and I don't feel that takes away at all from my appreciation of Haley when Haley is doing what she's best and feeling it.

For me.. I'd like to have a couple dozen people making new music that I really liked if that was possible.. only have 4 or 5 so there's some room !

RE: American Idol 2015 - mercfan3 - 01-13-2015

See, that's the part i can't handle about Idol. The judges.

Although I'm opposite of Melinda and Slezak, I like JLo the best..and that's saying something. JLo is usually really good..until about Top 8 week when she finds her pretty girl victim. (Haley, Hollie/Jessica, Jess).

I don't actually think it's JLo being petty. I think JLo is actually very good at getting rid of contestants, something producers figured out in Season 10. And the pretty girl underdog is only supposed to last so long...(top 8 week..)

But Keith and Harry..jesus..don't get me started. Insufferable is the best word I can come up with. Both of them.

Slezak..there really hasn't been a season where I wasn't with him on Idol, since season 8. (When I started with him.) Other than Season 11..but I think there were just tons to pick from. And we were both pretty much "please god, anyone but Phillip Phillips."

The Voice is a different story. I was with him for Michelle/Amber, and Jacquie Lee. But Bria Kelly was my girl, and he HATED her. (not sure why, Bria is *so* his style. ) And he was all for Sisaundra, who I was not into at all. This past season, it took him a while to get on the Chris train..but he never quite did with Taylor. (I was there for both.) And he liked Suger. Way too much. Seriously.

IMO, there have been artists that I've loved, and will follow their careers. Haley is still my ideal voice. And she'll always be. Because without hearing her voice, if I could put together one, it would have been Haley's. And Haley's journey will always be one of a kind. But I've gotten invested in a few others..and their journeys are one of a kind too. (Haley and Michelle are special to me also, because..they were the wonderful distractions I needed to my first year of law school and studying for the bar exam. I will likely forever be loyal to them. Tongue )

RE: American Idol 2015 - Miguel - 01-14-2015

Most recent Twitter comments for "american idol":

Quote:Kyle Ramsey ‏@the_kyleramsey 50s

Am I the only person who still watches American Idol?

Quote:Martha O'Donnell ‏@marodonnell20 1m

why am I watching American idol lol

Quote:Skylar Gill ‏@SkylahhhGill 2m

Why am I watching shitty American idol? ?

Quote:S i e r r a ‏@NoFamousFace 2m

I am not feeling American idol this year wtf

Quote:Unknown ‏@_liberianspice 3m

Why am I watching American idol ?

Quote:Christine Nelson ‏@Christi68511426 3m

I am watching American Idol

Quote:Tessa Dee ‏@TheTessaDee 3m

@KristinKorda I am FREAKING OUT and can't watch idol so please post everything that happens!!! ????

Quote:SG ‏@sarahgrace331 4m

lol why am I watching American idol

RE: American Idol 2015 - Tusk - 01-16-2015

a foot in the door is to perform a Beatles' song really well

and sometimes you are just comfortable in your 'difference' that is so genuine in it's quirkyness