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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - JMT - 05-26-2017

Thanks for your thoughts on their request to review your material before publishing it. I take this as a good sign that Team Haley is moving toward the next step in her career and that is exciting. My personal view is that you have always set a pretty high bar in terms of image and sound quality of the videos you posted. Of course, much of what you post you have not yourself imaged, but have reviewed/upgraded/posted the work of others.

Obviously, one aspect of their request is that your channel has often been mistaken for Haley's, and so you would naturally be treated differently than others might be. I smiled when I read your comments about taking their request as bit of a challenge. I did see your tweet this afternoon (my time) and when I read it I had the feeling you might have that reaction.

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 05-26-2017

(05-25-2017, 10:13 PM)Tom22 Wrote: >>>One suggestion on taking the music sound to the next step:

At least maybe ask the question to people in the industry "Should I be mixing with headphones?"

I suspect that mixing to the sound of your speakers, no matter how good the speakers, is mixing to ambient conditions in the room you're in and to the quality of your speakers more than mixing to the headphone range that may (or may not) be more consistent..

I get what you're trying to say, but some perspective here. I am still an amateur, all that I've learned about editing videos, I've learned on the fly from the experience I've gained building my channel... audio editing something I've only started working on in the last couple years.

Also, my audio source depends on the quality of recording at the shows, the more sources, the better, in order to edit the best sound I can manage.....there really is no 'mixing'...the software I use for audio is a function of the video editing software I bought for $60...

So I have very limited control and not the type of money to buy industry editing tools audio or video....although the expectations may be higher, it shouldn't be forgotten that I'm by no means a pro. I do what I can, as best as I can, they get to decide. I don't think they can realistically expect me to produce top level videos given my resources. Now if I could regularly get inline audio (like sometimes I'm able to doing videos for Morgan) that might be a different story, all that would be left is concentrate on the video side of things. But Haley has only given me that access once, at Durty Nellies, and my defective Zoom microphone didn't record any audio Dodgy

I don't think they expect pro level videos from me, I'd like to think they'd use some perspective.

(an aside about the perils and disappointment of recording in a live audience situation... Last night, a group of four people decided to set themselves right next to where I was recording videos. One guy told me that he works on Audio, "owns" his own audio company....shows me his Tshirt with a logo. He was talking a big game, offered that if I sent him my files, he could work on them using his company to improve my audio, even offered to watch my camera on a tripod so I could wander to different spots w/ my iPhone to video from different angles. I thought to myself....I don't even know you and I should trust what you say, trust you with my equipment? So I politely turned them down....

Turns out I think he was full of sh!t and big talker....they chatted loudly alot of the time, his girlfriend waving her arms in front of my cameras, drunkenly yakking at each other.... If he indeed was in the industry...he would know that I was recording and not do that crap Angry... I think he was full of it, and I would've lost my camera and everything else had I trusted him to watch it.

I was hoping to at least post the videos of the songs we've not heard Haley perform before, I looked for White Rabbit...the band and Haley sounded decent on the audio, except....Dick wad and his group were loudly talking over it at the beginning on my iPhone audio...the only audio of 3 w/o distortion...

It's a miracle that I get the decent audio I do get given the potential pitfalls of recording a live performance while in the audience..... Tongue

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 05-26-2017

Photo from XAtlantic
[Image: 18646458_226374674528294_5608478203329904640_n.jpg]


RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Himm2 - 05-26-2017

(05-25-2017, 07:53 PM)XAtlantic Wrote: Yes, a good number of cell phones filming, but mostly recording this or that, a song or two, a clip, not the whole thing as far as I could tell. Not a problem. Many just enjoyed without filming. Angie ... I'd be jetlagged and exhausted but they just radiate energy and dedication. My secret wish she'd join for a duet didn't come true, well, maybe next time! Surely no problem with currencies (but what would I know!), nice round sums for merch. Language? Everybody knows English over here! And uses it with ease. Manchester ... Haley says with passion as she has always done that love and music are so worth fighting for, so that is the message, enough said!
Have a pleasant Xing! Watch out for icebergs in the middle!

Thanks for the answers fellow pond Xer. One other advantage of Jesse Elder taking over for Jacob Lutrell (other than a sense of an improved band vibe Tusk mentioned) is that Haley's sister Angie got to do what Jacob's (ex) fiance' Jeanette did with the M&G & Merch Table last summer. Months ago I had asked Angie if she'd get to do a duet with Haley and she smiled with an "I dunno". My miracle dream would be if in Dublin with Angie's BF Alex in attendance, Haley would bring Ang up on stage for backup vocals and then Alex proposed marraige on stage.
In some ways I'm somewhat glad there won't be videos of everything recorded and posted which would diminish my appreciation of what I haven't seen live yet...but I do appreciate the semi-spoilers of what to expect like the set list. I don't plan on standing next to the stage edge but trying to snag a seat off to the side so if I do get anything worth posting it will follow Tusk & Haley's manager's guidelines.

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Miguel - 05-26-2017

(05-26-2017, 05:41 AM)Tusk Wrote: Photo from XAtlantic

Great photo. Like the perspective. I don't think you could be any closer without being onstage.

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 05-26-2017

Quote:GJ Kooijman‏ @gjkooijman 3h

Just casually discussing our mutual love of @MichaelSlezakTV and @CaseyAbrams with @HaleyReinhart in Amsterdam on a summer night.
[Image: DAxMAlAXcAYhsVm.jpg:small]

Quote:Michael Slezak ‏Verified account @MichaelSlezakTV 2h
Replying to @gjkooijman @CaseyAbrams @HaleyReinhart

Color me jealous! Haley is unbelievably good live!

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Miguel - 05-26-2017

Bit of "For what' it's worth" ("What's that sound"). Sharp video: https://www.facebook.com/stevvh/videos/pcb.10203352986063157/10203352982183060/?type=3&theater

I like this picture and comment:


This tiny woman deserves a much bigger venue. Holy shit what a voice + presence and that band... Amazing #haleyreinhart #music #amsterdam #europeantour


Nice footage of "Creep" here, "#vocalslayage":


RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 05-26-2017

Amsterdam show

White Rabbit

For What It's Worth


RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 05-26-2017

Creep / My Cake

Close up action Big Grin

Haley looks like she is having a ball. Playful and almost giddy.

Haley Reinhart - Check Please @ Bitterzoet - Amsterdam The Netherlands 26-05-2017

Crowd participation

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 05-26-2017

[Image: 18646126_653594208168064_7821950020923424768_n.jpg]