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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 06-03-2017

Quote:jesseelder Sharing the stage with @haleyreinhart, @nottovision, @dbassics & @mooreray has been nothing but pleasure every night. Really deep jams. This was from one of our best shows in Paris. Photo by @harryburnsii69

[Image: DBUC5SfWsAAGipx.jpg:small]

Quote:BJDJ‏ @1BJDJ 10h
The best @AmericanIdol alum @HaleyReinhart giving a vocal masterclass at @thisisgorilla #Manchester tonight. Sassy. Sexy. Soulful. #Better
[Image: DBWdP2yWsAAliio.jpg]

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 06-03-2017

[Image: DBXS7f5UMAAdiy2.jpg]

Quote:HRachel3 ☘️‏ @RClovesHaley 6h6 hours ago
My dad being mesmerized by @HaleyReinhart's "For What It's Worth" cover

Of the videos I've posted from Europe, the first, What's That Sound, has had the most interesting ride, from the having to work around the garish red and blue stage lighting, to not the 'cleanest' of audio on a device I thought would fix my uncertain audio quality woes, to the acceptance that the audio will have crowd chatter over the first part of the song (my 'work around' using a photo of the crowd at the beginning as a video representation of that chatter, thus integrating the chatter )to the anxiety of not hearing back from Team Haley for permission to post, to finally getting the OK to release it right before Haley stepped on stage in Paris.... It seems to be the most 'popular' of the set so far, still getting consistent views. Smile

Talk about "necessity is the mother of invention"! The switching to black and white as the answer to colour distorted video (and Haley's outfit) ended up adding to the 60's vibe connecting the song to the time period from which it came. XAtlantic was going to enjoy the show with his daughter, her first live concert and not be too concerned about videoing it. Thank goodness he recorded the close to stage video, 2nd angle video of this performance, even at a lower resolution (adding to the 'old time feel') it all came together to make what something that, in the end, people like Big Grin .

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 06-03-2017

Berlin - I Belong to You

Berlin - Behave

Berlin - Can't Help Falling in Love

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 06-03-2017

Behave (Live) HD Manchester June 2017

Quote:Michael Nottingham I have been lucky enough to see this treasure on two continents. If she had jet lag it didn't show. One of the few artists worth seeing as many times as possible. Much like the early Led Zeppelin, the performance changes and evolves from show to show and tour to tour. Simply outstanding!

Quote:Matt Hallam It's been a while since you got my full attention on American Idol, but Wednesday night was fab reminder of what I loved about your talent. Insane range, full control and the most fabulous band. You're a stunner and thanks a million for an amazing night! P.s. What was the cover version before your change? Before that amazing Elvis track. Xxx

Quote:Mike Lee You're insane...in a fantastical way. Unreal vocal control

Quote:Harry Burns‏ @hburnsii69 2h
A few more pics from fabulous @HaleyReinhart show in #Paris for #EuropeanTour #WhatsThatSound
[Image: DBaMbduXcAAWjIS.jpg:small]

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 06-03-2017

Other pics

[Image: new.jpg]

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - InItToWinIt - 06-03-2017


Haley Reinhart - Creep https://youtu.be/ZR3lkwZZ3Mo via @YouTube

@Haley Reinhart from last night's gig in Manchester.

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 06-03-2017

Another view of the Manchester Creep sing along

Quote:Mathew Curran‏ @mathewcurran94 3h
Amazing performance from @HaleyReinhart & her band last night @thisisgorilla! A beautiful voice, my high expectations were definitely met Smile

Black Hole Sun - Manchester
shake it up

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 06-03-2017

Quote:Iaincorruptible‏ @iainhoey 5m
That was the best live show I've been to since Pitchfork in 2014 @HaleyReinhart you are unreal, that last song alone I lost my mind 6 times

Quote:Iaincorruptible‏ @iainhoey 3m
Replying to @iainhoey @HaleyReinhart
Seriously I've not had that much fun in so long, incredible incredible incredible

Quote:Iaincorruptible‏ @iainhoey 3m
Replying to @iainhoey @HaleyReinhart
Sorry to anyone watching my Snapchat story. It was a little excessive but I was just having the best time

Quote:Iaincorruptible‏ @iainhoey 2m
Replying to @iainhoey @HaleyReinhart
It was just beyond

Singing backstage in Paris
Quote:kdvisuelBilly & Haley Reinhart by KD Visuel Smile
Before the show in Paris... Live Facebook for a duo with my friend Billy and Haley...
@haleyreinhart @kdvisuel @pmjofficial
#haleyreinhart #postmodernjuckebox #sevennationarmy #cover #duo #acapella #singer #haleyreinhartcover #paris #beforetheshow #kdvisuel #billy #facebooklive #live #europeantour #better #jazzy #funkopop #funk


Five minute backstage VIP FB stream from Paris show (incl little SNA duet with French singer)
Quote:KD Visuel shared Kevin Dendauw's live video — with Amélie Mahieu and Sarah Dendauw Estrade.
May 30 at 2:34am ·
Billy & Haley Reinhart ! by KD Visuel
Tu vas me dire mais qui c'est cette nana ?
Haley Reinhart est juste une référence pour les amateurs de musique jazzy, elle irait presque égaler Amy Winehouse Smile
Haley Reinhart s'est fait connaitre en atteignant la troisième place de la dixième saison d'American Idol...Elle obtient en 2015 un succès important en chantant avec le Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, sur Youtube... Mais si sa reprise de Tove Lo "Habits" ou encore "Creep" de ...
See More
Billy & Haley Reinhart ! by KD Visuel

You're gonna tell me who's that chick?
Haley Reinhart is just a reference for lovers of music jazzy, she would go almost match Amy Winehouse Smile
Haley Reinhart is known for reaching the third place of the tenth season of American idol... she gets in 2015 a significant success in singing with the Scott Bradlee's postmodern jukebox, on Youtube... but if his recovery Of tove lo " clothes " or " creep " by Radiohead....
Anyway, all this just to tell you that we had the chance me and my buddy Billy, to meet her before his concert.
So adorable that I asked him a mini duet with Billy, if that's not the heavy!

Now I'm counting on you to share a max this video in order for it to be reposting, REDIRECT, Reliker!!! Haley Reinhart Irons in lille with his group Postmodern Jukebox and it would be so cool that Billy sings in before first Smile
What!? You don't know Billy! Well go on his page you'll understand very quickly!

#haleyreinhart #billy #kdvisuel #postmodernjukebox


RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Miguel - 06-03-2017

(FB pic of) Haley Reinhart on stage at Oran Mor, Glasgow.

Quote:Craig Fraser at Òran Mór.
18 mins · Glasgow, United Kingdom ·

Saw Haley Reinhart tonight in a concert postponed from last September. First time I have seen her perform her own songs, as I first saw her singing with Postmodern Jukebox who give modern songs vintage makeovers. Her own stuff varies between a 60's influence and 70's funk. Although her own material was in the majority, she does fantastic reworkings of songs by Buffalo Springfield, The Shirelles, Jefferson Airplane, The Box Tops, Radiohead, Soundgarden and Elvis Presley.

He posted the Extra gum CHFIL video.

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 06-03-2017

Quote:Austen McDonach‏ @AustenMcDonach 1h
@HaleyReinhart what a truly fantastic gig come back to Glasgow soon !

Quote:rachッ‏ @Rachael_Moira 2h
@HaleyReinhart what an amazing concert! I waited after to try get a picture but my taxi came Sadhope you come back soon!HeartHeart

Quote:dorothyellam Can't get over how INCREDIBLE @haleyreinhart and her band were last night! Thank you @georgia.kilshaw for the best night ever Heart