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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - XAtlantic - 06-03-2017

This tour is a full success all around, as far as reaction go, it seems. That is fantastic, and not surprising, but still nice to see. After all, this is far away from her home market - thank you, internet and PMJ (nice to see, though, that a fraction of fans does go back to AI days). I hope it is also working out financially, which must be touchy with a full band, limited merchandise and smaller venues. But it should be a great experience and confidence validator, gaining experiences, testing the waters, making connections, exploring the music in new situations ... it should give her all the incentive not only to return to overseas, but particularly to tour the US with its much larger market as soon as things come together for that.

Thanks for all the posting, reporting, video linking! It's a pleasure to follow!

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 06-03-2017

Ken saw the show tonight and sent me video Smile

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 06-04-2017

Quote:nilufarma_Haley Reinhart concert in Berlin. @haleyreinhart
So happy I could finally see her live. I am a fan since American Idol. Just love everything about her - her raspy voice, her style of singing, her growls and her beauty on the in and outside.
She is truly gifted with a special voice, also has one of the best voices in our generation and could be a big star, if she goes mainstream.
But she stays true to herself, so strong and powerful.
She is singing like an angel, with an powerful voice, who can change the world with her music. She is like an second Amy Winehouse, Janis
Joplin or a member of the Beatles, in her own special way.
I'm listening to her voice everyday and just can't stop.
Hope to see you again in Germany.
Your fans are so proud. Heart People like you make the world a better place. Thank you.

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Miguel - 06-04-2017

(06-03-2017, 07:47 PM)Tusk Wrote: Ken saw the show tonight and sent me video Smile

Comment on the vid:

Quote:Colin Henderson

I was there, it was a great night. Haley does not disappoint full of energy with a winning personality. Getting over the stigma of coming from a talent show is I think going to be her biggest challenge. Judging from her performance here in Glasgow however I think she's up to the challenge. Looking forward to seeing her back in Scotland soon.

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 06-04-2017

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Miguel - 06-04-2017

Quote:John Notto
36 mins ·

Last show tomorrow night of this European Haley Reinhart tour. It's been a great run with a great band and crew. We've played Warsaw, Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, and Dublin. More pics coming soon! — in Dublin, Ireland.


RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 06-04-2017

During one of Haley's Insta snapchats, she scanned the merch table where we saw these mysterious cards w/ Haley's image on it...

I wondered if they might be new cd covers
[Image: DA2lv2JXUAAPAO9.jpg]

At the Paris show, I found out what they were, they were promotional cards made up for Haley's show at Moods in Switzerland. They came in handy because I took my Aunt and Uncle to the Paris show, before I left the next day to take the Eurostar to see Haley in London, my Uncle asked if I could get Haley's autograph for him "I would like an autograph from Ze beautiful Woman" Big Grin

So in London, the card came in handy as something I could have Haley sign. I had to spell their Vietnamese names out for her to write on the card, Haley: "How do you even pronounce that?" Big Grin LOL

Anyways, my Aunt taped the autograph (written to both of them, not only my Uncle Wink ) inside the cover of the Better CD she bought in Paris Cool

Here's the front of the autographed card taped to her CD and the back of mine (w/o the autograph, I took two ...Angie said they were free) so you can see what's written on it and perhaps someone could translate the Swiss?
[Image: DBg-VTFWsAUosTR.jpg][Image: DBg-97vXkAAETJd.jpg]

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Miguel - 06-04-2017

Quote:«Better» - an album full of positive energy, which Haley Reinhart also brings to the stage. The 25-year-old US-American went in 2011 as a third place in the music competition "American Idol" and published her debut album "Listen Up!". At the end of May, "Better", she mixed up the jazz standards of the 30s and 40s with 60s disco-melodies and gave her a soulful painting - or simply said: she plays a mixture of funk, rock and soul. Better? We will hear that.

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - john - 06-05-2017

[Image: DBk8brgXgAAyYHz.jpg:small]
Quote:Thelma‏ @ChiTownHalien
@HaleyReinhart Sound check!!
#Whelans #Dublin

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - martindelbron - 06-06-2017

hey there.

normally don't post much here (though checking the forum verrrryy regularly) - but just wanted to share my thoughts on yesterday's concert in dublin with you guys.

i've been a halien since day 1 (literally since i saw her sing baby it's you/god bless the child) during hollywood week of american idol & have been following her career very closely ever since. she's my favorite artist & having had the chance yesterday to meet her (got meet&greet tickets) was like a dream come true.

of course, i got super nervous when approaching her and could barely say a word. but she was super sweet and luckily you can't tell on the picture we took that i was super nervous haha. she asked me where i was from, so i told her i was from germany but living in dublin. that i saw her in amsterdam last week and am now super excited for the final concert in dublin. hopefully i won't have to wait for too long to see her live again because....

this was literally the best concert of my life. her stage presence & her voice just blew me away. i've been watching pretty much any video that's been posted by tusk - but to actuallyy experience haley live at a concert was just such a surreal and phenomenal experience. she is a true star, a unique talent & a voice of a generation.

having been to amsterdam last week as well, i felt like in terms of vocals this was even better - maybe because it was the last concert, she could really give 120% without having to fear that her voice might be off the day after - and she went for runs & notes that gave me 'the goosies' in pretty much all of her songs.

i briefly chatted to some haliens that travelled from the US as well - im not sure if any of you guys are on this forum as well - but i found it so so cool to see how devoted haley's fans are.

in all, i will never forget yesterday's concert, i cannot wait for her next album & for her to tour in europe again (or else, i'll probably have to come to the US).