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RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 09-01-2017

Finally got around to put them into playlists, will add to them as I make the videos

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 09-03-2017

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 09-04-2017


Thought this might be of interest. If you watch the LIWFF video I just posted, look on the left side of the video, near the middle, close to the edge, you'll see a little dancing white pixel, sometimes overlaps Jesse. That is what is known as a 'dead pixel' when a part of the picture isn't getting information. There's another red one in the lower right corner, but it's covered up Haley's page URL.

The dancing pixel you are seeing looks like it's jumping around because the video had this new image stabilizing process applied to it, it's in the newer version of the software I'm using. The pixel is actually stationary in it's spot on any video my camera outputs. It appears to be dancing because the image stabilizing is holding Haley and the band in the same spot.

I was standing on a raised area next to where Angela was selling merch, didn't realise the floor would vibrate sometimes when Ray hit the bass drum. Also, I was trying to operate two cameras at one time (duh Tongue ).....by how much the little white pixel is dancing, you can see how much the image stabilization had to compensate for Tongue

It doesn't have 100% result, but in this case, it really saved this video Smile

(ps you don't see it near the end of the video because I had to zoom up closer as to not have too much of the crowd in the video when the lighting revealed their heads Tongue )

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Himm2 - 09-05-2017

Ya just do whatcha gotta do in various venues. Pre-planning the best spot doesn't always work out the way we thought it would.
In Dublin, I begged the venue manager to allow me into the closed balcony where the camera for the big screen projection was located. He said no so I decided to camp with a back & elbow rest at the soundboard wall in the back. Lots of heads in front of me however so I often had to film off the projection screen above the stage. But one nice advantage of that was it captured Pat F, Babbsie & Barb Burgess at the edge of the stage doing their own close-up recording plus the full view of the band. Ken Smith was in the back near me on some steps. Haley gives a nice shoutout to the USA travelers at the start of this FWIW. I asked the tall guy in front of me if he could shift him & his girlfriend over a bit so I could film which he did for about a minute before shifting back and blocking much of my view. When a gap opened I got a much better resolution straight shot not shooting a projected image, but holding the camera at arms length above my head.

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 09-12-2017

Had some technical issues, hopefully will get My Cake from Paris up soon. It's 11 minutes long, great close up vid from Harry Burns, Haley's having a blast and the band's solos, particularly Ray's solo and at the end is just great Smile

[Image: DJgTSVaUMAEpKRT.jpg]

kind of like the Berlin videos, I thought what I recorded in Paris was not going to output that many decent video... Thanks to Harry Burns & some editing, turns out I'm fairly happy w/ some of these vids Big Grin . I had to run the video through image stabilization twice. Great video of the solos from each band member. Harry's video is pretty awesome, and like I said, stay 'til the end for some Ray Moore awesomeness Cool

this turned out MUCH better than I could've hoped Smile

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 09-20-2017

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 09-21-2017

[Image: 21820368_156596818259295_4615570331015315456_n.jpg]

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 09-29-2017

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 10-07-2017

RE: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour (SPRING 2017) - Tusk - 10-10-2017

Some nice camera work by Ville Smile