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RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - john - 12-01-2016

The Candy Shop Boys (featuring Jesse Elder)

Jesse Elder Trio

RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - Miguel - 12-02-2016

Quote:Jesse studied at Interlochen Arts Academy, Oberlin Conservatory and New School University. Originally from Michigan, he has been living in NYC for 12 years. He studies with world renowned musician and artist developer Vera Tisheff.


He talks about his "life changing" work with her (and she talks about him):

"Vera Tisheff is a classical pianist, educator, instrumental and vocal developer, and artist developer. As a child prodigy in piano she made her public performing debut at Carnegie Hall at the age of nine in New York City.

...Her professional career as a solo artist includes extensive touring with leading symphony orchestras, including the Boston Pops in both Tanglewood and Symphony Hall under Arthur Fielder, the Rochester Philharmonic, Munich Symphony, Mexico City Symphony, Athens Philharmonic, Zagreb and Belgrade Philharmonics, and the New York Chamber Orchestra at Town Hall. She premiered the piano compositions of the noted American composer Charles Whittenberg and pioneered a classical-jazz concert series at Lincoln Center in New York with the legendary jazz pianist Earl “Fatha” Hines.

...Ms. Tisheff helped develop and train multi-platinum recording artist Vanessa Carlton and Grammy Award winning musical director Paul Bogaev, among many others."


RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - Miguel - 01-18-2017

Article about the upcoming Paris show, translated from French. Obviously written last year for when the show was originally scheduled.

Quote:Haley Reinhart @Divan of the World - Paris [Report] - 29 May 2017 20:00 - 23:00

[Postponed the concert originally scheduled at the Divan du Monde on 21 September]
- * Tickets purchased for the 21 September concert remain valid for the new date * -

Young and talented Haley Reinhart will be performing at the Divan du Monde on Monday, May 29, 2017! Do not miss this remarkable singer who has sung alongside the biggest, from Tony Bennet to Slash through Irvin Mayfield and more recently the Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox. She will present her new album Better, released on April 29th.

Haley Reinhart practiced singing at the age of 7 with his parents, members of the Midnight band, and was influenced by many musical styles, from rock'n'roll to funk to jazz and blues . She was noticed in 2011 when she finished 3rd in the American Idol competition. The contest marks the beginning of a successful career for the singer, many of which are used in films and TV series, including that of James Cameron, "Years of Living Dangerously."

Thanks to its many concerts, Haley Reinhart has brought together many fans, nicknamed the "Haliens". She has sung alongside the biggest, from Tony Bennett to Slash, Irvin Mayfield and more recently Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox. After the success of his first album Listen Up! In 2012 and ranked 12th in the Top 200, Haley is preparing her new album Better, planned for this year.

Do not miss Haley Reinhart at the World Divan, Monday, May 29, 2017!


RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - Tusk - 01-26-2017

A bit cruel that this Bandsitown alert came in w/ the subject heading...Haley Reinhart "Sent you a message" Tongue

[Image: C3ChLlXUoAE2Dc-.jpg]

Haley also changed her FB banner & Instagram avatar.... not sure if it means anything Tongue

RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - XAtlantic - 02-02-2017

LOL, the Berlin venue "Musik und Frieden" ("Music and Peace") where she is playing May 25 (fingers crossed) lists her as "Harley Reinhart".

Did the writer have strange dreams of high-powered growls?

Same text still as last time: still launches big-time off of Idol, which will do her no favors over here because of how bad these shows are here, but then goes on to be true, more or less, to her albums and some of her successes (though it still calls "Better" an EP, no update). My translation (was posted earlier for 2016 by John, here once more for the 2017 show ...):

"For most people Haley Reinhart was the absolute favorite of the 10th season of American Idol, the US equivalent to "Germany's Next Superstar". Now for the first time the 25-year old makes it to Germany on a club tour. Her EP "Better" was published on 29 April 2016. Haley herself describes "Better" as a mix of funk, rock and soul that aims to stimulate young women particularly to more self-consciousness and independence.

With an excellent third place in the casting show Haley Reinhart succeeded after the end of the season in 2011 to establish herself as an artist and published her debut album "Listen Up!" in 2012. On it she capably combines elements of R&B, soul, rock, pop, jazz and funk. She counts among her fans the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. Currently she is celebrating great success with jazz pop sensation „Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox“. Some of their joint videos on youtube have more than 15 million views.

After celebrated appearances at Lollapalooza, the New Orleans Jazz Fest and a successful North American tour with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox Haley Reinhart is now also coming to Germany for four concerts." (Which is not true, this is the only concert in Germany on this re-scheduled mini-tour.)

RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - Miguel - 02-03-2017

(02-02-2017, 02:58 PM)XAtlantic Wrote: (Which is not true, this is the only concert in Germany on this re-scheduled mini-tour.)

Definitely needs a rewrite. She's also since turned 26. Should it become official that she signed with Concord, they might update her bio to reflect more of how they see her as an artist.

RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - Miguel - 02-16-2017

Quote:Ray Moore
30 mins ·

Preparing my mind and gear for a Tour w Haley Reinhart in Warsaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, Paris, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glascow, Dublin. then personal travel in Dominican Republic. Doin a four corners US run wit the Onyx Kings. Then Arizona Reunion wit the famm. I guess Africa is next year. But 2017 is gonna be a blast

RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - Miguel - 02-20-2017

^Ray preparing his gear might be an indication they gave him a preview of the new tracks they will be performing.

Quote:Miguel ‏@HaleyFansDotCom 39s

Brief video of @HaleyReinhart promoting her show in Dublin, Ireland on June 5th. https://www.facebook.com/aikenpromotions/videos/1379724935400795/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED

Quote:Aiken Promotions ‏@aikenpromotions 1h

.@HaleyReinhart​ will be Dublin bound this summer as she brings her live show to @whelanslive on June 5th. Tickets - http://bit.ly/2dtHrUn

Aiken Promotions, with offices in Dublin and Belfast, is Ireland's premier concert promoter.


RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - Miguel - 02-25-2017

Quote:Anders Grahn shared Gigs and Tours's video.
31 mins ·
London friends.
Don't miss Haley and her band in May!


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RE: POSTPONED TO SPRING 2017: EUROPEAN "Better" Tour - Miguel - 03-01-2017

Quote:Miguel‏ @HaleyFansDotCom 24s

Video. @HaleyReinhart invites you to come see her in Birmingham, UK at the Glee Club. An intimate live music venue. https://www.facebook.com/gleebirmingham/videos/1246819788701286/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED