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"BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video - popfly38 - 06-04-2016

(06-03-2016, 11:59 PM)john Wrote: tahoegirl63So. Good. Thank you @haleyreinhart, see you tomorrow!

I see Haley put Black Hole Sun in her set in Petaluma

would make a good PMJ cover

What are the chances Black Hole Sun is the next PMJ video? If it is I can't wait.

New PMJ video with Haley to be released on Thur - Miguel - 06-13-2016

Quote:Postmodern Jukebox Verified account

Mark your calendar! The new Postmodern Jukebox video with @HaleyReinhart comes out this Thursday...

RE: New PMJ video with Haley to be released on Thur - Miguel - 06-14-2016

Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 17m

Scott Bradlee Retweeted Postmodern Jukebox

Going to be a great one

RE: Split from summer tour thread - InItToWinIt - 06-16-2016

Very Haley, very Jazzy, very nice. Definitely a winner.

iTunes doesn't make anything easy, be it finding the song, or buying the song if you haven't visited in awhile. The video should be up soon though.

RE: Split from summer tour thread - john - 06-16-2016

Quote:The incredible Haley Reinhart is back in her 8th Postmodern Jukebox video- a stunning orchestral remake of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun." Her voice is truly out of this world.

Indeed, it makes for a great PMJ cover. Wink

RE: Split from summer tour thread - Tusk - 06-16-2016

So now I can tell the story of how Haley hinted the song... in the middle of her set, she started talking about PMJ.. talked about touring with them... made me think they were going to perform Creep...

I reached for my phone to tweet that she might do "Creep" , but I was also videoing, and couldn't do it. Then she said, "and this might be a prelude to er or a sampler you might catch soon"... and went into Black Hole Sun....

....I was a bit stunned when I heard it, possibly the only one at the show understanding what she just said...

When I got to my hotel room after the show, I tweeted out what I thought I heard, it was such an unexpected thing, then checked the video, sure enough she said what i thought she said...

So I decided to delete my tweets about it, let the surprise happen for one more day Tongue

I'll post the clip on Instagram

RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video - Miguel - 06-16-2016

PMJ description:
Quote:A lot has happened since Haley went viral with the Postmodern Jukebox remake of “Creep.” She attracted the attention of Extra Gum and recorded a chart topping version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” She released an EP titled, “Better,” and launched a solo tour for her album that is currently going through the US (get Haley tix here!). Through it all, though, she’s made time to come make appearances with PMJ at some of our biggest shows throughout the world and lend her incredible voice to our vintage universe. Her newest video with us is an instant classic and showcases her incredible dynamic range and power as a vocalist.


RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video - InItToWinIt - 06-16-2016

It looks like Haley and Scott have figured out ways to cross pollinate their musical development. Scott provides links on the PMJ site to Haley's gum commercial, album on iTunes, and tour tickets, and Haley sings her new PMJ tune, in a slightly different version, on her own tour across the US and probably Europe.

BHS sounds really good. I don't think we'll see too many comments around Haley's annunciation, or rather lack there of, on this one.

RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video - Tusk - 06-16-2016

Quote:.@HaleyReinhart hinted her new @PMJofficial song at her #BetterTour show in #Chicago 2 days ago Big Grin #BlackHoleSun

In hindsight, it was so stupid of me to try and tweet whilst videoing, took attention off the camera to try and reach for my phone resulting in the shot going all over the place.... should have remained focused on the video BlushTongue

I did say I was stunned trying to process what I had just heard... bummer it caused me to mess up the video Tongue

RE: "BLACK HOLE SUN" - new (June 2016) PMJ video - Miguel - 06-16-2016

Quote:Anders Grahn
Pretty damn great version Scott Bradlee & Haley Reinhart! Wow!