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Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days - john - 06-20-2016

Buffalo Grove Days... Sept 3

9:00 - 10:30 PM

From American Idol Season 10
Main Stage

RE: Haley performing at BG Days 2016 - Tusk - 06-20-2016

(06-20-2016, 03:58 PM)Himm2 Wrote: I heard there was a conflict with Haley being there. I believe only Midnight band is officially booked at this time. Maybe a scheduling issue has been worked out.

Probably not, but that might have come from me? When I heard Haley was going to be at BG Days in September, when I was in Chicago, I didn't have Haley's schedule handy, but I said that Haley was going to be in Europe in September....turns out the European part of Haley's #BetterTour begins September 14th in Ireland, so unless something else comes up, I think she'll probably be there?

As far as I know, after her June tour, she's scheduled to be w/ Damiani in July in California and New Jersey....we haven't heard anything yet(?) about September other than this and her European tour Tongue

RE: Haley performing at BG Days 2016 - john - 06-20-2016

(06-20-2016, 03:58 PM)Himm2 Wrote: I heard there was a conflict with Haley being there. I believe only Midnight band is officially booked at this time. Maybe a scheduling issue has been worked out.

BG website just says "Haley Reinhart."

RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley POSSIBLY performing at BG Days - Miguel - 07-22-2016

Festival has been moved to a new location. Haley will perform.

Quote:Village Working Out BG Days Parking Situation

...This year, BG Days will take place at Mike Rylko Community Park on Old McHenry Road over Labor Day weekend. Plans called for Lake-Cook to be expanded to three lanes in both directions at Raupp Boulevard -- right in the heart of the familiar festival grounds.

Mike Rylko Park is larger than the area around Raupp and Lake-Cook Road and more self-contained.

The only major change this year from previous years’ festivals is there will no longer be Sunday night fireworks due to safety concerns of the proximity of the fireworks to surrounding residential neighborhoods.

...With the aid of Buffalo Grove police, shuttle buses will have a secluded area in front of the nearby fitness center to safely drop-off passengers without becoming major obstacles to traffic.

As soon as remaining details regarding parking areas and shuttle bus routes are completed, the committee will post a map displaying the information on the new BG Days website.

...Furthermore, the BG Days committee is excited to announce the return of American Idol singer Haley Reinhart as part of their free musical entertainment event.


Maybe she'll make more than whatever they paid her before.


Quote:Buffalo Grove Days hoping to boost music acts after losing fireworks

Buffalo Grove Days will no longer feature fireworks, due to the logistical restrictions posed by the new site at Rylko Community Park.

That frees up $16,000 the village can use to help upgrade the entertainment with bigger name bands.

At Monday's committee of the whole meeting, village board members discussed whether to not only use the fireworks money, but also kick in an additional $20,000 to boost the Saturday night concert offering.

Trustees were agreeable to dipping into the $16,000 but showed they weren't quite ready to rock 'n' roll, balking at spending an additional $15,000-$20,000.

...Buffalo Grove Days Committee Co-Chair Paulette Greenberg said the committee would like to have more money to spend on bands.

Local bands, such as tribute bands, cost under $10,000 each, she said. The $10,000-$20,000 range would include bands from the 1960s like Herman's Hermits.

"The problem we have is the demographics of Buffalo Grove show most of the people (are) 35-50. This is the group that wants to hear '80s and '90s music," she said.

To get bands like Steppenwolf and Christopher Cross would cost between $20,000 and $30,000. The ideal, she said, would be to get to the $30,000 to $40,000 level, a neighborhood that would include Blues Traveler, Crystal Gayle, Gordon Lightfoot and Eddie Money.

Reaction to some of the bands was lukewarm, with Trustee Joanne Johnson saying at one point, "Honestly, some of those bands sound pretty old." But she also said, "I think attendance could go up dramatically if we had a band people recognized."

Trustee Steven Trilling questioned whether the village would be able to bring in enough additional revenue to offset the cost of a bigger name band.

Finance Director Scott Anderson said the village's cut from liquor sales is about $20,000 -- the village gets 50 percent of sales.

Assuming that the village's take from Saturday night would be $10,000, Trilling responded, "Even if we go another 50 percent in sales on a Saturday night, you're only going to gather 5,000 dollars more in revenue from beer sales."

Trustees said they needed more information before making the extra investment. Village Manager Dane Bragg said village staff could come back with more information, but emphasized that the time for making a decision is drawing near.


People in the comments want their fireworks back.

RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley POSSIBLY performing at BG Days - john - 07-22-2016

I wonder what this venue is like -- any word on Mike Rylko Community Park Chicagolanders? This show should be even #Better than the last one.

Not sure why all the doubt that this show is really scheduled. The BG Days website has had Haley on the schedule for more than a month and that horn player from the Dirty Nellies show remarked that he would be playing with her at BG days. The BG Days site did add that Midnight will be playing with Haley, so that is one change from what they posted in June.

RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley POSSIBLY performing at BG Days - Miguel - 07-22-2016

Quote:Formerly Busch Grove Community Park, the sprawling facility hosts a skate park, spray park, fitness center, picnic area and baseball diamond.


Yelp review from 2009:

Quote:Parks like Busch Grove make me proud to be from Buffalo Grove.

First, the park serves largely as a nature preserve. Trees, grasses, streams, and a pond are home to ducks, beavers, muskrats, and a colorful assortment of wildflowers. An asphalt trail circles through the preserve and on any sunny day you see families biking and rollerblading. To the side of the trail are signs highlighting various plants and animals you may see on your walk.

On the east end, near Buffalo Grove Road, there is a skate park and roller/ice hockey rink. The hockey rink is busy year round and the skate park is very popular as soon as it warms up.

Finally, the park is easily accessible from Willow Stream Park via the overpass over McHenry Road. Kids can safely get from the pool at Willow Stream to the skate park in Busch Grove.

Skate park:

[Image: bg-bg-6.jpg]

[Image: bg-bg-5.jpg]

Spray park:

"The pre-teens at center are playing with Buffalo Grove’s Bernoulli Discovery Fountain, which is designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Some parks isolate features by age, but Buffalo Grove’s lets children of all ages mingle."

[Image: kids_get_wet_1.jpg]

Quote:Over the last decade, there have been five failed attempts to pass a referendum to build a community center. The 2000 referendum went down by less than 100 votes. The message from Buffalo Grove residents was clear: The community supported the need for additional space, but they it was not willing to fund these capital projects through a property tax hike.

A Refreshing Concept: Kids Just Wanna Get Wet

It has been said that Buffalo Grove Park District suffers from “aquatic envy.” In 1993 and 1999, park districts in nearby Vernon Hills and Gurnee opened state-of-the-art aquatic facilities with water slides, recreational and lap-swim spaces, and grassy picnic areas. In 2003, neighbors to the east in Wheeling opened a modern, family-oriented aquatic center that became an immediate attraction for many of Buffalo Grove’s residents. In Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove’s neighbor to the south, a community-supported, $15 million dollar referendum was passed in 2001 allowing four aged pools to be renovated into attractive new aquatic centers.

[Image: kids_get_wet_2.jpg]

In short, Buffalo Grove’s families were leaving town to swim. That was an unpleasant reality for a district striving to be the first and best choice for community recreation. District staff considered what they could do to keep families in town. Officials knew that ‘tweens, teens and families alike were lured by aquatic centers with brightly-colored water slides, lazy rivers and wave pools. Unfortunately, these types of facilities seemed to lie beyond the realm of financial reality.

The epiphany came when the staff and administrators at the district realized that plans for these $5-million-dollar facilities are normally generated by adults with adult interests at heart. But what was the real need of the community? It was this: In the summer, people, especially kids, just want to get wet.

[Image: kids_get_wet_4.jpg]

With this in mind, park administrators Mike Rylko and Dan Schimmel attended a seminar on aquatic playgrounds at the 2002 NRPA Congress in Tampa, Florida. It was there that they first learned about Splashpads. Fusing sleek architectural designs with fun-filled entertainment, these aquatic playgrounds are fully automated recreational systems that are revolutionizing aquatic play.


Two surprising stats:

Quote:Buffalo Grove is listed as one of “Fifty Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family” in a book by that title. Accordingly, the municipality is home to an abundance of young families—and over 90 percent of mothers there are stay-at-home moms. The town’s commitment to its families is shown through superior schools and public services, extensive youth and family programs, and a total of 50 parks.

More about the park, which is 76 acres in size (their 50 parks total 412 acres):

Quote:The area at Busch Grove Community Park was identified as being the ideal location for the Splashpad right from the start. The Didier Family used to own and operate a pumpkin farm on the property. The city bought the 76-acre plot of land for $11 million. Over the last few years, the city has developed the site and added many facilities, including a state-of-the-art fitness and medical rehabilitation center, a golf learning center, a True Ride skate park and the Vortex Splashpad, complete with a heated water recirculation system.

The park project (skate park, Splashpad, dry playground, parking lot, playground, two ball fields, interpretive nature trails, lighting and amenities) was funded through the city’s budget (annual park and recreation budget is approximately $18 million). The budget for the park project was $1.4 million.

RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley POSSIBLY performing at BG Days - john - 07-23-2016

Skip Tubbs weighs in
Quote:Skip Tubbs shared Buffalo Grove Days's event.

FYI.....Haley Reinhart with the Midnight Band will be playing on Saturday Sept 3rd from 9:00 - 10:30 PM

RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley POSSIBLY performing at BG Days - Haleylvr4evr - 07-23-2016

I hope the new location of the fest is easier to find for me! Last time my family and I got lost in Wheeling/Arlington Height/BG area trying to find the shuttle bus location. We had to stop at a pizza place to ask for directions...this was before we bought a fancy GPS. I was getting really nervous about being late but we made it in time!! About 20-30 minutes before Haley came on so just in time Smile

And I already took the days off from work so I can go again Smile

RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days - Miguel - 08-16-2016

Quote:Kent Bredrup shared Haley Reinhart's video.
1 hr ·
I'm so grateful to be a member of the Midnight Band and to have the opportunity to play a small role in the Reinhart family musical legacy. I consider it a gift to be able to play drums for all those I share a stage with. It will be a special gift indeed to back Haley on Saturday, September 3 at Buffalo Grove Days. If you are able to attend this concert, I think you will leave feeling Better.

RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days - Himm2 - 08-17-2016

I've been quiet about any Halien Shindig Weekend regarding BG Days for requested privacy reasons. When I suggested to Haley back on May 1st about BG Days Shindig #7 the response was "Not sure about that" which i coupled with Tusk's confusion about whether she'd be in Europe by then making me wonder if the concert was on for sure but she probably wasn't referring to if she'd be performing with Midnight. The day after the concert will be a simple mini-golf/cookout in Halien Headquarters after a late-morning to early afternoon golf outing. Weather-permitting.