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Aubrey Logan - Mr Petersen - 11-08-2017

While i am waiting for Haley to return to Europe I was lucky to attend a concert with Aubrey Logan in Göteborg Sweden (only 3 hours drive from Copenhagen)
Very different style but still a blast of a concert :-)


I have a few videos on my channel and more will come soon.

Morgan James is coming to Copenhagen later this month and I am going there as well :-)

This will keep be busy for a while but please Haley, announce your European tour soon......

RE: Aubrey Logan - Tom22 - 11-11-2017

What a fun time!

RE: Aubrey Logan - Tusk - 03-24-2018

Aubrey, like Blake Lewis, hails from my neck of the woods... instead of doing what I normally do on Friday Nights, sit at my computer, I decided to go see her 2nd show of the night (the 7pm show is impossible to get to in time due to horrendous rush hour traffic than can still last 'til 7) Luckily some front row tickets were available, at the edge of the stage. Side note, One of Aubrey's music teachers and her husband ended up sitting next to me.

I admit I don't know much of Aubrey's discography outside of PMJ, and I like to let my intuition choose which video to edit, which makes sense the first video I made of Aubrey's show is her cover of one of my all time favorite songs, The Carpenter's "Superstar"

RE: Aubrey Logan - Tusk - 03-26-2018

RE: Aubrey Logan - Tusk - 04-16-2018

RE: Aubrey Logan - Tusk - 04-28-2018

I actually like this one quite a bit, it's an original, she said she'd played it only once before that night