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Happy for Haley - Miguel - 03-30-2012

Quote:Keith Phelps ‏ @KEiTHPHELPS 1m
Me & @KortHaussProd were w/ @HaleyReinhart & when she heard "Free" on radio for the 1st time...talk about a moment!!!

I'm going to turn this into a thread where we document comments on Twitter and YouTube of people discovering her music.

Quote:J a n a i. ‏ @jcxoxo2
@HaleyReinhart i just found out about you today and i LOVE your music

From "New Yawwkkk Cityy♫♔♫," she has 691 followers.

RE: Happy for Haley - john - 03-30-2012

(03-30-2012, 07:05 PM)Miguel Wrote:
Quote:Keith Phelps ‏ @KEiTHPHELPS 1m
Me & @KortHaussProd were w/ @HaleyReinhart & when she heard "Free" on radio for the 1st time...talk about a moment!!!

That was sweet of him to tweet that. Would love to have been a fly on the wall. I recall Jewel telling a story of hearing her WWSYS come on the radio the first time while driving. She could name the songs that preceded it and followed it, the road she was on, etc., and she remarked that she had to pull over.

It is definitely a milestone. She'll have another when she hears a song that she wrote the first time.

[Image: animated-smileys-dancing-057.gif]

Quote:Ernie Halter ‏ @erniehalter
Cant stop listening to "Free" by @HaleyReinhart. So so good.
PJ Marne' Barclay Halien(: Apirat Nikki (: Issy B. Brandon
8:24 PM - 27 Mar 12 via web · Details

Quote:KΛCI BЯOWN ‏ @KaciBrown
90210 or coincidence? RT @erniehalter Cant stop listening to "Free" by @HaleyReinhart. So so good.

Ernie Halter Ernie Halter ‏ @erniehalter
@KaciBrown @HaleyReinhart it was a featured single and I just happened to click on it. glad i did.

Ernie has 498,029 followers

RE: Happy for Haley - Haleylvr4evr - 03-30-2012

(03-30-2012, 07:15 PM)john Wrote:
[Image: animated-smileys-dancing-057.gif]

I love your dancing smilies! Smile

RE: Happy for Haley - john - 03-31-2012

One of the Top Comments on Free tonight.

Quote:Top Comments

kbrod90210 1 hour ago 9

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 03-31-2012

The top YT comment at the moment:

Quote:This is really great! I never heard of her but after listening to this I have officially become a HALIEN.

badamasi100 2 hours ago 27

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 04-02-2012

Quote:♔ M☢hamεd Ali ♔ ‏ @xMohamedAlix
Damn. This Haley Reinhart chick is actually really talented.

Quote:Courtney Stroud ‏ @Courtney_Stroud
I hated Haley Reinhart on American Idol but I love her song 'Free'
10:53 PM - 2 Apr 12 via txt ·

RE: Happy for Haley - john - 04-04-2012

Consecutive comments from the top with age/country info added for Vevo Free. 2:10 PDT.

Quote:16yo France
Her voice is MAGIC!
RiperVag75 5 minutes ago

24yo Trinidad
pia's video out since last year 8 months ago
jasonsinanan in reply to BrittanyL1126 (Show the comment) 19 minutes ago

I love you Haley. Enough said
Tulevall 38 minutes ago

33yo USA
Great video. Sounds great and is very likable. I think that is the key. She appeals to many people and I hope that she a lot more great music coming out on her album.
bloomieday 39 minutes ago

21yo Chicago USA
Haley is amazing. Haley is beautiful. Haley has it all<3
TruthOnEarthMusic 1 hour ago

13yo Belgium
I'm so jealous ( in a good way ) ! She's pretty, her clothes rule and she's got a wonderful voice !
Mia Gobin 1 hour ago

23yo Brasil
Ótima! Artista completa e tão nova!
monicazoo21 1 hour ago

14yo USA
you have to realize that this has been on for less than a week.... The duck song? Years..
MauraMoo97 in reply to cheesecaterpillar (Show the comment) 1 hour ago

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 04-05-2012

After the national anthem performance today:

Quote:OFFICIAL MASSHOLE ™ ‏ @617CityBoy
Can't lie I deff just checked out @HaleyReinhart's music, that girl can sing ! So when are you coming to #Boston?!

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 04-07-2012

Quote:Kory(: ‏ @CarrieJLoFan
Haley Reinhart won me over after singing the National Anthem. #NewFan

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 04-09-2012

Quote:I clicked on this (from) Katy Perry's "Part of Me" video. One of the best decisions of my life Smile
Dogluverkiwi 14 hours ago