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Joey Cook - Tusk - 09-26-2018 02:00 PM

I guess I'll put Joey in my quirky, imperfect but a unique musical "character" category along w/ Casey***....her cover w/ PMJ was a perfect choice for her vibe (Hey, there Delilah)
She just posted a new video, again, a perfect choice and right in her musical wheelhouse. I like this alot.

***(Haley lives here too, but she's able to cross dimensions, so a really unique character in her own category Tongue )

RE: Joey Cook - KelseyW. - 09-28-2018 12:42 AM

She was my main fave during the awful season 14 of American Idol... Dodgy

Though Clark Beckham is warming up to me with his newer music... I still have a soft spot for this girl. Heart