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RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 07-28-2012

^ The best set yet John! ^
  • Joan Jets "I love Rock N' Roll' - It really doesn't get any better than that. Cool
  • "Living in the Past" – My favorite Tull tune (with “Locomotive Breath” close behind). Heart
  • "Undun" - The Guess at their best Exclamation
  • "Spirit In The Sky" - My favorite lyrics in a rock song. I've almost posted it myself a few times, but I didn't want to spark another long discussion about the meaning of life. Confused
  • "Taste the Wine" - A boy can dream Big Grin

(07-28-2012, 05:03 PM)john Wrote: ^^^ I never would have thunk it...but Taylor Swift just gave me a hankering for a little Joan Jett.
I know. A Wierd and Wonderful Perfomrance. Love Deff Leppard!
(07-28-2012, 05:03 PM)john Wrote: Nice set LovingDa,...
If I had a dime...

Gregorian - Nothing Else Matters

RE: Music Videos - john - 07-28-2012

Quote:If I had a dime...
[Image: smiley-laughing025.gif]

RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 07-28-2012

Birdy - People Help The People
Does Birdy sound at all like anyone you know?

RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 07-31-2012

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

Joan Baez - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 07-31-2012

Kind of a cool 70s tune. Lots of memoriesCool
Any one want' some Dylan?

RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 07-31-2012

Ace of Base - Cruel Summer

Billy Ocean – Loverboy

RE: Music Videos - Tusk - 07-31-2012

LovinDa ... if you're going to post a Female fronted Swedish band, it should be the most prolific one.

This is my number one favorite song from ABBA.... I never get tired of it. Written specifically for "ABBA the Movie", "The Name of The Game" is supposed to be about a woman who falls for her therapist. It features one Agnetha Faltskog at the height of her beauty and fame .... (Frida, not too shabby herself Blush )

Also, ABBA practically pioneered 'music videos' years before MTV. They loved to create and write music and didn't care to travel...especially outside of Europe. So they made short videos for their songs to spread their music to places they couldn't travel to, like the US. (It was so far away and so big to tour...Agnetha developed a fear of flying, I think, on their American tour, from some air turbulance. She was terrified their children would grow up without their mother or father. After that, Agnetha and her husband, Bjorn, often traveled separately to be sure that if anything were to happen, their children would not be parent less)

When I lived in the UK, they were HUGE and their videos always played on "The Top of The Pops"

This is the song's sequence in "Abba The Movie"
(The reporter couldn't get in to see the show, so he dreams of meeting ABBA)

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 07-31-2012

JOAN BAZE she sang a few anti Viet Nam songs.

RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 07-31-2012

^^ For some strange and mysterious reason T-man, that Abba post/reply nigh conjured up a sacrificial posting of the videos, "Bang-Shang-A-Lang" by The Archies and, "Go Away Little Girl" by Donny Osmond.

Go ahead and contaminate AOB with Abba-warfare, until the EPA throws down on you for all I care; but yo homeslyce, if you gonna crawl all up in my grill with blemish on da "Cruel Summer" we throwin down like Homie the Clown.

Wink Big Grin Tongue Angel Cool

[Image: homie.gif]

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 07-31-2012

Rebellion at its best.Cool

a TRUE timeless masterpiece The words are the same today as they were in the 60sCool