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RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 08-07-2012

If variety is the spice of life this set is medium/hot.

Lynyrd Skynyrd FreeBird

The Romantics - What I Like About You

Skillet - Hero

Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-08-2012

LovingDa - here, there, everywhere. Wow. Lots of great posts LD. The depth and breath of your interests, knowledge and talents is truly impressive. And good taste, too Wink I was rockin out on Freebird (introduced to a new generation on Rockband®) -- and the Romantics are always a treat. Nice find on the Slash/Myles video. I like the acoustic stuff these guys do that highlights Myle's voice with the guitar work by Slash.

RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 08-08-2012

(08-08-2012, 03:35 PM)john Wrote: I was rockin out on Freebird... and the Romantics are always a treat... Nice find on the Slash/Myles video. I like the acoustic stuff these guys do that highlights Myle's voice with the guitar work by Slash.

Definitely! And I love the raw acoustic stuff of raw talent. It's always nice to hear someone shared in the enjoyment Big Grin

And ditto, Dr. Greatsets, on the compliments (just ask MAE... She sees it the same way- And she'd be of the first to say- Dr. J. ALL THE WAY, and twice on Sundays).

This one's for you John [Image: character00159.gif]

The Pretenders - Criminal (Live Acoustic)

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-09-2012

^^ Takk LD, sublime.

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 08-09-2012

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RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 08-09-2012

Great quality on that "At Seventeen", very glad to have it. I have "The Best of Janis Ian" but haven't listened to it years. I dig it out and dusk it off whenever it's time for a good cry. Sitti Navarro is new to me. Beautiful song and a beautiful voice. Thank you. Will be doing some listening to her (love me a good bossa nova singer). Gracias!

OK, now that I'm feelin' all soft and mushy I have to bust a power ranger move on y'all:

Joan Jett - I Hate Myself For Loving You

Debbie Harry (Blondie) : Now I Know You KnowAttention Jazznizzle Lovers! You probably don’t miss the last minute or so of this one.

Pat Benatar - You Better Run

And Just for good measure...

Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks - Never Going Back Again

Stevie Nicks (W/ Bob Welch) – Stop Dragging My Heart Around

Stevie Nicks - Gold Dust Woman (Rare Solo 1981)

^ Oh hey Bluesman... Just saw that your post slipped in ahead of mine Tongue That was definitely one of the greatest pop songs of the 80s. I remember hopping around to it- I was just learning to talk when it hit the radio big- "8675309" was all I said for a few months (according to how mom tells the story).

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-09-2012

My head keeps getting jerked around. I decided to give Haley's demos a rest and end up listening to a bunch of Sitti Navarro -- her voice was having a hypnotic effect on me.

BTW, this is where I started on "Seventeen" but after finding that HQ vid from 70s I decided to post the original instead of the cover (not sure if Sitti has cred on this song). But Sitti has such a beautiful, clear voice. I just recently found her via a tumblr soundtrack by a Halien from the Philippines.

Then bam! Tommy Tutone and Joan Jett blasting away -- hell ya! But then shift gears for Debbie Harry -- I think the song is new to me -- very cool. Mesmerized again. Then Bam, back to a nostalgic Pat Benatar rock on.
Okay, now Stevie Nicks. Love me some Stevie (see page one of this thread). Lindsey and Stevie <<-- forever in love (at least when they sing together) with the voices and guitar (perf). A nice landing place for the set, LD.

RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 08-09-2012

Awww, I didn't download the Haley demos Sad I kind of wish I did, but I think I'll wait for the Team Haley approval (although, the leak is awfully suspicious).

So anyways, I'd been looking to post some Sade for about a week and just kept get distracted by other clips. You never cease to surprise and amaze me with your selections Dr. J.. Sade is one of my biggest heroines. She really is a fabulous person and performer, and I love almost all of the lyrics in her songs; usually encouraging and inspirational. Technically speaking, her music may seem a bit one-dimensional at first glance, but not when examined closer. She's one of the greatest female artists to ever grace the popular soft jazz scene (literally "grace"), in my opinion. For my eyes and ears she is one of the most beautiful and pleasant sounding lady performers ever! Right behind Haley Reinhart being #1, Sade is tied with a few others as my second all-time favorite female singer/songwriter Heart Heart Heart Big Grin Heart Heart Heart

Great set Dr. J, but I just have to add just a few more Big Grin Tongue Cool

Sade - King of Sorrow

This video and song follows the dilemma of a single mother struggling to conciliate her children's needs with her dream of becoming a singer. Sade isn't that single mother, but she was raised by a single mom. And OMG, I can't even imagine how hard being a single mom is. Can anyone watch this without choking-up at least a little? And Holy Smack-My-Ass Batman, I've been a bad girl, what a beautiful woman Sade is!

Sade -- Smooth Operator
A video set of Sade would not be healthy without this song.

Sade - No Ordinary Love
Check out the guitar work in this number.
With sax, keyboards or guitar, Stuart Matthewman really knows how to put some wings on things.

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-10-2012

Excellent bonus set, LD. Heart And, yes, Smooth Operator is necessary to truly complete it. Cool I recall when that song came out it stood apart from everything else. She is a class act all the way.

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-10-2012

Here, LovinDa, one from the 2005 CMT music awards show. Ann, Nancy, and Confused Gretchen Wilson. Just for fun.